6 Foolproof Ways to Keep Your Artificial Grass in Prime Condition

Artificial grass is a great choice for both homes and businesses. You may think of it only in terms of sports stadiums, where they need to keep the area looking green and even despite the rough treatment it gets from the athletes. However, your home can enjoy those same benefits – a lush, grassy field that doesn’t grow taller and doesn’t fade. You don’t have to spend hours sweating it out in the sun to keep it looking good.

You do have to maintain artificial grass to keep it in top shape, but the work is much easier than it is with a living law. Here are six foolproof ways that you can keep your artificial grass in prime condition for years to come:

Remove Debris Regularly

You may not get weeds with your artificial grass, but all the growing things around it can still leave behind a lot of mess. Trees can drop branches and leaves on your grass, as can nearby bushes and flowering plants. If you don’t clean these things up, they will begin to break down and get matted into your artificial grass. Over time, they can even break through the artificial roll, begin to seed, and start growing in your yard.

You should clean up debris regularly. If it’s just a stick or two here and there, pick them up when you see them. However, if you are getting regular leaf fall or other debris, plan to pick it up at least once a week. You can use a leaf blower to make it a little easier.

Rinse It Regularly

With a living lawn, you have to water it to get it to grow and stay green. With artificial grass, you have to water it to rinse away dirt, pollen, and other debris that can make it look duller or that can build up and break down the materials.

Plan to get out the house and spray down the artificial grass about once a week. If it’s pollen season or there’s another reason you’re getting layers of dust and debris on your yard, rinse it down more frequently.

Cross Brush It

Artificial grass is subject to some of the same damage as regular grass. If it’s stepped on too much, it can become matted. Over time, your artificial grass can look like a plastic rug, rather than a sea of actual grass.

You can combat this by cross brushing it. Use a rake (not the hard, rigid metal type) and brush the grass against the grain. This will help the grass to stand up and to “fluff out,” creating a fuller look for the lawn.

Clean Spills Promptly

If you were to spill wine or gas on your living lawn, the liquid would seep into the dirt and be gone. Even if you had a more stubborn liquid like oil, it would eventually disappear as the grass grew and was cut. But with artificial grass, those stains can linger.

Take care not to spill items on your grass, preferring to entertain on your patio or to do work with chemicals in a garage or work space instead. If you do have a spill, clean it up immediately to avoid the risk of staining. Just use a cloth to soak up the liquid, and then follow up with an appropriate cleaner if needed.

Clean Pet Waste

No matter how well-trained your pets are, there’s always a chance that they will urinate or defecate where they shouldn’t. Plus, if they see grass, they are likely going to think that it’s fair game. But pet urine and feces can stain your turf and leave behind a nasty smell that you can’t shake.

Keep your pets away from your artificial grass if you can. If not, just be sure to spray down urine spots to clear away any lingering odors. Let feces dry completely, and then remove it. If you try to remove it while it’s still wet, you run the risk of smearing it and causing a stain.

Use the Right Cleaners

You might get items on your artificial grass that you can’t just wipe off or rinse away. You need to use the right cleaners to make sure you aren’t grounding the item further into the grass and that you aren’t inadvertently harming the grass.

Use dry ice or aerosol refrigerants to get rid of sticky things like chewing gum or tree sap. Use household detergents to clean grease, and use mineral spirits to draw out stubborn stains. Always follow up cleaning by blotting away excess liquid.

With proper maintenance and care, your artificial grass can last 20 to 25 years. You can enjoy a beautifully green lawn all year long, and you’ll never have to fire up a lawn mower again.

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