Making a good first impression with your house is a sacred tradition to a homeowner. Imagine yourself waking up and going out to admire your beautiful lawn, and suddenly you find that now your grass is brown, lifeless and doesn’t have the looks of something that is worthy of showing off to your neighbors. Then, you remember that your monthly water bill was getting higher and higher so you started conserving your water and doing everything possible to not overuse it, including not watering your grass as often as you did. Maybe the lack of water is not the reason your grass looks like it was not maintained most of the year, but the fact is that it does. We honestly don’t want you to be in this situation, but if you ever end up in a circumstance like the one we hypothetically explained, there is a solution for whenever you want to overhaul your entire yard.WAYS TO INCORPORATE ARTIFICIAL GRASS INTO YOUR OUTDOOR HAVEN

In Arizona, Centurion Stone of Arizona has years of experience in everything from stone walls to Mesa artificial grass, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about it. We can help you install any kind of artificial grass in any landscape that you live on without doing any kind of mess to your yard, promising to bring you the best quality of artificial grass with the most affordable prices on the market.


The first thing you should do is to inspect out your yard and establish what is the best artificial grass color tone that will go along with your yard’s theme. If you don’t know what to look for first, check your home paint, the tone of your sidewalk, the flowers and leaves around your yard to find out what type of artificial grass will blend with its surroundings. Fake grass in Mesa is very adaptable because it can fit in any yard no matter the size or shape of it. If you want your yard to look more decorative, you can also do a linear pattern in your yard, or form a giant circle, triangle, rectangle, or any shape you want, even make a mini-golf course if you have enough space for a hole or two. If you have any questions about what type of designs we can do with our Chandler artificial grass, give us a call or check out our artificial grass gallery for some samples.

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  • TRAFFIC: This means that before choosing the type of artificial grass you want in your yard, you need to consider how you will use it. For example, if it’s going to be a playground for your kids, you need to get a really durable one.
  • things to consider with fake grassQUALITY: Artificial grass with a really good quality will feel soft to the touch while having a consistent color in every square of grass. This can be more expensive than other types of artificial grass, but since this is a long-term investment and lasts for years to come, it will turn cost-effective after a certain amount of time.
  • GRASS HEIGHT: Yes, you can choose how tall you want your artificial grass to be. Most people that want a more luxury-looking yard tend to choose a taller-than-the-average grass. The inconvenience of this is that longer grass blades will bend over themselves because of their weight. If you want to put furniture on your artificial turf, we recommend using a shorter grass height that offers better sustainability.
  • MAINTENANCE: Artificial grass requires less maintenance than natural grass, and it increases its lifespan while keeping it look great over the years. Depending on the weather conditions of your area, and if there is debris that can fall from trees and other sources, it will take more time for you to do maintenance on your grass.

In conclusion, artificial grass can be a great choice as a long investment to have a beautiful yard with low maintenance. If you want to know more information about artificial turf, in Arizona, Centurion Stone of Arizona is a company with Mesa artificial grass suppliers with years of experience in bringing high-quality artificial grass to homeowners, contractors, and architects. Don’t hesitate to reach us at our contact information, we will be more than happy to answer any inquiry you may have.

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