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Arizona's Largest Stone Veneer Distributor

Arizona’s Largest Residential & Commercial Stone Veneer Distributor

Whether your goal is to give your home’s facade a new look, add drama to existing columns, build an outdoor kitchen, add a cozy fireplace or fire pit, give a facelift to your outdated indoor kitchen, or anything in-between, our manufactured stone veneers will help you achieve your desired look and functionality.
You see, Centurion stone veneers look and feel like quarried stone because they’re designed and manufactured from natural stone patterns, so you won’t have to sacrifice beauty for durability and affordability.

Even better, our 10,000 st. ft. outdoor display area – the largest in Arizona – showcases all of our stone veneers, which are laid out in different patterns and designs. And, since we carry 25 different styles and 200 colors, you’ll sure to find veneers that suit your needs, budget, and aesthetic.

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Top-Rated Manufactured Stone Yard In The East Valley

Choose From Our Wide Variety Of Stone Veneer Styles & Colors

Canyon Ledge Manufactured Stone

Canyon Ledge

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Centurion Castle Manufactured Stone

Centurion Castle

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Cherokee Blend Manufactured Stone

Cherokee Blend

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Cherokee Blend Manufactured Stone

Cherokee Blend

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Hackett Manufactured Stone


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Ohio Limestone Manufactured Stone

Ohio Limestone

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Palos Verde Manufactured Stone

Palos Verde

View Colors

River Rock Earth Blend Stone Veneer From Centurion Stone Of Arizona

River Rock

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Rubble Suede Manufactured Stone


View Colors

Rustic Manufactured Stone


View Colors

Silhouette Ledge Manufactured Stone

Silhouette Ledge

View Colors

Splitface Manufactured Stone


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Weatheredge Manufactured Stone


View Colors

Brookstone Manufactured Stone


View Colors

Austin Manufactured Stone


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Bucks County Design Series Manufactured Stone

Bucks County Design Series

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Tulsa Design Series Manufactured Stone

Tulsa Design Series

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Incorporate High Quality Stone Veneers Into Your Next Commercial Project

The #1 Stone Veneer Distributor For Arizona

Make your home or business stand out with stone veneer panels from Arizona’s leading distributor. Stone veneer looks just like natural stone while providing easy installation, a plethora of color choices, and almost endless design options. Centurion Stone is proud to be the #1 distributor of stone veneer in Arizona with our impressive selection, generous warranty package, and top notch customer service.

Stone Veneer Distributors For Commercial Buildings

If you’re ready to make your commercial building stand out from the rest, consider stone veneer panels from Centurion Stone for your building’s walls, panels, and decorative accents. Our stone veneer panels offer the same natural-looking designs without sacrificing on functionality or durability and can fit into any budget.

Property Manager, Builder Or Contractor

Commercial Building Using Centurion Stone's Stone Veneers
Manufactured Stone And Artificial Grass Project

Manufactured Stone & Artificial Grass For Commercial In Arizona

Business owners know that first impressions matter. With artificial turf and manufactured stone from the top rated Arizona stone veneer distributor, you’ll be well on your way to making a great impression on all of your customers and clients. Nothing says quality like a well-designed building with thoughtful details.

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Huge Selection Of Top Quality Stone Veneers For Every Us

Transform Your Outdoor & Indoor Spaces With Our Stone Veneers
Top Quality Stone Veneers For Living Spaces

Living Spaces

Top Quality Stone Veneers For Driveways


Top Quality Stone Veneers For Kitchens


Top Quality Stone Veneers For Fireplaces


Top Quality Stone Veneers For Interior And Exterior Walls

Interior & Exterior Walls

Top Quality Stone Veneers For Outdoor Kitchens & BBQ Spaces

Outdoor Kitchens & BBQ Spaces

Top Quality Stone Veneers For Pool Walls And Floors

Pool Walls & Floors

Top Quality Stone Veneers For Home Facades

Home Facades

Hackett Stone Veneers At Centurion Stone Of Arizona

Why We’re Arizona’s Leading Manufactured Stone Distributors

  • Get Advice From An Expert

    Our experienced professionals will offer you sound advice on design, delivery, and installation.

  • Wide Variety Of Stone Veneers

    You’re in the driver’s seat so you decide on how much or how little, help you’ll need from us.

  • Easy-To-Install Faux Stone Panels

    Our veneers and pavers are simple to install -even for beginners. Alternativey, we’ll be happy to quote you a price for installation. Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on veneers.

  • Cultured Stone Of The Hightest Quality

    We sell the highest queality manufactured stone products on the market… this means you’ll never have to worry about breakage or fading. What’s more, our veneers absorb very little water which keeps them from freezing in higher altitudes.

  • Affordable Manufactured Stone Products

    Compare and you’ll see that no one – not even those big-box stores- can come close to our prices. Period./p>

  • Available Stock

    The vast majority of our products are in stock and ready to go.

Our Clients’ Testimonials

I used Centurion Stone to do some work on the front of my house and now I’m adding some additional stone around perimeter. I have had so many people compliment on how nice it looks and how it added such curb appeal to the home. Bruce and his team are great to work with and Bruce will stand behind hiswork. I would highly recommend these guys for your stone work… I love what Bruce and his team did around my entry that I had them finish the perimeter around my garage and wht a difference it made from when I purchased the home 8 months ago to today with how this turned out. You can completely change the look of your home without costing an arm and a leg and trust me you will not be disappointed. These guys do outstanding work and use quality products…. I’m so pleased with the final results and very pleased I went to Centurion Stone of Arizona… Thank you Bruce and your team for doing such a great job.

Happy Client Review

Greg Hewitt | Mesa, AZ ★★★★★ Five-Star Rated Review On Google

Our Clients

How To Buy Centurion Manufactured Stone


one of our 200+
Styles of Stone Veneers


your favorite color
among the available shades


a comprehensive quote on all your materials
Get a quote together for any natural stone as well as manufactured stone that you will need for your project.
Our project consultants can help you calculate the exact amount of stone needed.


To Have Your Stone Installed Or Delivered
We are a preferred distributor for many of the valley stone contractors. Looking for a contractor account?

Or schedule a phone call to discuss your company’s needs and how Centurion Stone can fulfill them!

Benefits Of Installing Cultured Stone Veneers

Manufactured Stone Veneers Are Man-Made Products Designed To Resemble Natural Stone

Engineered Stone Is Lighter

Manufactured stone panels from Centurion Stone offer easy installation without having to make accommodations for the extra weight of natural stone. With lightweight stone veneer, you’ll enjoy fast and easy installation on every project.

Easier To Integrate Into The Style Of A Home

Stone adds a beautiful accent to any home, but considering the weight of natural stone into a design can be a challenge. Engineered stone veneer panels in Arizona can be easily integrated into the style of your existing home.

Can Be Fixed Over Drywall & Smooth Surfaces

Manufactured stone veneer panels in Arizona are easy to install directly over drywall or other smooth surfaces, with minimal preparation. You won’t need to mess with mortar or other complicated installation steps.

More Styles & Colors To Choose

We are proud to offer the widest selection of stone veneer panels in Arizona, with an almost endless selection of styles, colors, and designs to choose from. Visit our showroom to find the perfect match!

We Offer Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty On Manufactured & Natural Stone

Chipping, flaking, unattractive discoloration, or any other major degradation as a consequence of material or manufacturing faults is assured.

How Our Manufactured
Stone Veneers Are Made

We Use Molds
Based On Natural Stone

To make our quality stone veneer panels, we use molds that are based on the texture, shape, and design of natural stone. This enables our engineered panels to look just like natural stone for a realistic and impressive appearance. Whether you’re looking to install stone veneer panels on your home or commercial building, you can be sure that our engineered stone will be almost indistinguishable from natural stone.

Natural Stone-Based Molds
Carefully Selected Aggregate For The Perfect Manufactured Stone Texture

Our Carefully Selected Aggregate Is Blended For The Exact Desired Texture

High quality stone veneer panels must be made from the right materials. At Centurion Stone, our design team utilizes carefully selected aggregate that is thoughtfully blended to make the perfect texture. Each of our stone designs is thoroughly examined throughout each stage of the design and manufacturing processes to ensure that you’ll receive a consistent texture and appearance in each panel for ultimate satisfaction and a realistic look.

High Quality Mineral Dyes Are Added For Stunning & Consistent Coloring

As each of our Arizona stone veneer panels are carefully crafted by our manufacturing team, we use high quality mineral dyes to ensure stunning coloring that is consistent from one panel to another. This means that no matter how large of an area you are covering with engineered stone, you can feel confident that the results will be bright, beautiful, and consistent from start to finish.

High Quality Mineral Dyes Used In Cultured Stones

Visit Our Local Stone Yard In The East Valley

Large Cultured Stone Selection In A 20,000 sq. ft. Display Area

  • 1632 N Greenfield Rd,
    Mesa, AZ 85205

FAQ’S About Our Manufactured Stone Products

Natural stone veneer is crafted from real stones that are sourced from a quarry, which means it will require extensive consideration and accommodation throughout the construction process due to its weight. Manufactured stone veneers are made from lightweight material to ensure a fast, easy installation process over drywall and other smooth surfaces. Careful attention is used throughout the manufacturing process to ensure it has a natural appearance with intense durability.
The stone veneer panels from Centurion Stone are developed with extensive care and thoughtfulness throughout the entire process. Each series is carefully designed to match the texture, color, and shape of natural stone without the weight or other drawbacks of using real stone. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure a uniform, brightly colored, and durable engineered stone panels for every installation.
The engineered stone veneer panels from Arizona’s leading stone veneer distributor are long-lasting and durable with a generous warranty package to protect your purchase. When installed correctly, our stone veneer panels require no maintenance and more resistant to fire and pests than wood, vinyl, and other types of siding. No matter where it’s installed on your home or commercial building, we are sure you’ll appreciate the strength and benefits.
Manufactured stone veneer panels are lightweight and can be installed directly over drywall and other smooth surfaces without any special preparation. In new construction applications, footers and other additional structural support are not needed for manufactured stone veneer panels. This makes engineered stone veneer panels an excellent choice for existing homes that are unable to support the weight of natural stone or other heavy materials.
When our manufactured stone veneer panels are correctly installed on your home or commercial building, no maintenance is required throughout the life expectancy of the panels. They will continue to look beautiful and serve you well for many years without fuss or additional cost. You’ll be able to enjoy an attractive and realistic stone appearance without worrying about replacing grout or other maintenance.
The manufactured stone veneer panels from Centurion Stone are carefully crafted to meet or exceed the code requirements for ICC ES standards, with multiple tests performed to qualify for AC-51 testing acceptance. Our panels offer outstanding durability so you can be assured of excellent performance on all of our models. We recommend talking with your contractor about any building code requirements in your area before beginning any building or remodeling project.
We are proud to offer a generous warranty package on our materials against manufacturing defects for 50 years from the date of your purchase. Ask your Centurion Stone representative for details regarding the warranty of the specific stone veneer panel model you are interested in purchasing. Our customer service team is ready to answer all of your questions and ensure you feel confident in your purchase.
The engineered panels from Arizona’s trusted stone veneer distributor are a fast and easy project for DIYers who want to install the panels on their own. If you have never worked with stone veneer or are unsure how to complete installation on your own, we recommend a professional installer for the best outcome and are happy to provide an estimate for our experienced installation services.

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