Our Charming Cast Stone Pavers

Give Your Walkway, Driveway, or Patio Definition and Direction

Stone Pavers

Whether you’re looking to enhance the beauty and charm of your suburban backyard patio or garden walkway, build a more durable and inviting driveway, create a dramatic entrance to your home, revitalize cracked and dull concrete slabs, or transform your outdoor areas into one unified space, our affordable, natural-looking cast stone pavers are the perfect choice.

That’s right… for a fraction of the cost of concrete, you can use our high-strength, interlocking pavers – available in dozens of styles, sizes, and colors – to add artistic flourish to most any setting – large or small, formal or informal.

Even better, our pavers are…

Stone Pavers Slate Style


Stone Pavers Territorial Style


Stone Pavers Tierra Norte Style


Stone Pavers Aztec Style


Stone Pavers Hopscotch Pattern Style


  • Harder than concrete. Yes, that’s right… our pavers’ PSI (strength) rating is 8,000 to 110,000 compared to concrete’s 4,000-6,000 rating. This means they’ll stand up to the heaviest vehicle traffic!
  • Available in many styles, patterns, and colors. Our 10,000 sq. ft. outdoor showroom showcases all of our pavers laid out in a variety of colors and patterns so you’ll know just how they’ll look in your yard before you purchase.
  • Easy to install. Our interlocking pavers are simple to install – even for beginners. Even better, you won’t need messy and costly mortars or other fancy tools to complete your project and if needed, we’ll be happy to offer you step-by-step directions or give you a quote for installing your pavers.
  • Affordable. Compare and you’ll see that no one – not even those big-box stores – can come close to our prices. Period.

Click on the images below to view our pavers styles and colors.
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