Our Exquisite, All-Natural Travertine Pavers

Give Your Walkway, Patio or Pool Deck Elegance and Warmth

Travertine Pavers In All Four Sizes | Antique Gold - Centurion Stone Of Arizona Mesa AZ

Nothing will enhance the beauty of your outdoor entrances, patios, pool decks and/or walkways like our elegant all-travertine stone pavers. And while they’ll make any outside space look warmer, they’ll keep your feet much cooler during our hot desert summers.

Centurion Stone of Arizona carries a wide variety of travertine styles! Some of our more popular sets are the three piece patterns that come in a variety of different colors that you can choose to your liking and are easy to install – even by beginners.

Even better, our travertine pavers are extremely durable and very affordable (we have the best prices in the valley) so there’s simply no good reason not to add them to your own outdoor settings – large or small, formal or informal.

Antique gold 4 piece travertine pavers for sale


Caramel travertine stone pavers for sale


Mexican Noche style travertine stone paver


Pecan travertine stone paving style Arizona


Silver style travertine pavers for AZ patio


Scabella travertine sold online by Centurion Arizona


Buy 3 piece walnut travertine pavers online




  • Durable. Yes, that’s right… our beautiful travertine pavers will stand up in high traffic areas for years and years.
  • Available in five gorgeous colors. Our 10,000 sq. ft. outdoor showroom showcases our travertine pavers which are laid out so you’ll see exactly how they’ll look in your yard before you purchase.
  • Easy to install. We’ll provide you with tips and instructions for installing your pavers yourself or if you prefer, we’ll provide you an installation quote as well.
  • Affordable. Compare and you’ll see that no one – not even those big-box stores – can come close to our prices. Period.

Click on the images below to view our pavers style and colors. 

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