6 Reasons You Should Choose Flagstone Pavers for Your Project

Flagstone is a beautiful, natural stone that is typically composed of a mix of feldspar and quartz. The stone is sedimentary, and it splits into thin layers along bedding planes. The result is a flat stone is a vaguely square or rectangular shape with some irregular angles. Flagstone comes in a variety of colors determined by the cementing materials, which can include silica, iron oxide, or calcite.

Flagstone is a popular choice for landscaping, and for good reason. Here are six reasons you should use flagstone for your next landscaping project:

Flagstone Pavers Patio

It’s Easy to Work With

Flagstone is one of the easiest stones to work with, thanks to its flat shape. You can place the stones directly on the ground and fill the gaps with sand or just let the grass grow between them. You can also stack the stones on top of each other to form a wall. They can be stacked in offset layers, creating a stable retaining wall or garden border.

You can use concrete or mortar to fill the gaps between flagstone, but it’s not necessary. All you must have is a little ingenuity and some elbow grease.

You Have Design Flexibility

Because of the way flagstone is formed, it naturally comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and thicknesses. You can get natural flagstone in shades of pink, red, blue, gold, orange, brown, gray, and white. These are naturally occurring colors – not created with paint or some additive. You can create a stunning look with a combination of colors if you like, or you can create a beautifully natural look that complements your landscape perfectly.

Maintenance is Low

You don’t have to do anything to keep flagstone looking great. You don’t have to treat it or even maintain a cleaning schedule. It doesn’t naturally attract moss or mold, so you shouldn’t even need to pressure wash it unless there has been a bad confluence of circumstances in your yard.

Since flagstone is so easily to install and doesn’t even require concrete or mortar, you can also repair your walkway or retaining wall easily if a stone breaks. You just swap out the stone.

It’s Naturally Textured

You must be careful when you select materials for walkways. If it rains, the pathway can become quite slippery and people can get hurt. You also have to be careful about materials that can become moldy and stay slippery even after the rain is gone.

Flagstone is a safe choice for walkways since it is naturally textured and non-slippery. You don’t have to treat it to get these benefits. Child Wellness Checks and the Importance They Serveac

It’s Durable and Long-Lasting

Flagstone is a natural stone. It is formed by being compressed between layers and layers of rock. If that wasn’t going to crack it, neither are your kids running on it or even a branch falling on it. You can be certain that flagstone will hold up over time. It is unlikely to crack or break, and you are unlikely to need to replace it in your lifetime. You can see many historical buildings with flagstone features that are still intact.


Putting too much concrete on your property can make it harder to manage water runoff. When it rains, the water doesn’t have as many places to go. It can pool on your property.

When you use flagstone, your property maintains its permeability. The water can seep into the soil between the pavers. You don’t have to take any additional steps to manage runoff.

Flagstone is a gorgeous stone that offers you a lot of options for your property or your landscape. You can use it to create walkways, retaining walls, free-standing walls, patios, and even building facades. Not only is it beautiful, but flagstone offers a number of other benefits for your property. Consider using it for your next project.

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