Why Artificial Turf Is Perfect For The Kid’s Yard

The Benefits Of Artificial Grass For Children & To Enhance Your Yard’s Beauty

One of the biggest concerns for parents is their children’s safety. Their children should be able to play in a place with no restrictions and dangers. The yard should be the best place for it, but you may be doubtful when thinking of insects and wet grass. Fortunately, there’s a great solution for that: artificial turf.

Artificial turf has many advantages over traditional playground surface options, including being non-toxic, attractive, and soft to the touch. 

A trusted stone supplier in Apache Junction will explain below why you should consider artificial turf for your kid’s yard. Keep in mind that many stone suppliers offer artificial turf as an excellent option to enhance your yard’s beauty.

Artificial Grass in AZ

What Is Artificial Turf?

Artificial turf is a synthetic surface designed to resemble real grass. You usually see it in sports stadiums and commercial playgrounds. However, it’s also common in private home yards and public parks. Plastic bottles or nylon are frequently used to make artificial turf.

Is Artificial Turf Safer Than Other Options?

When it comes to playground safety, there are many variables to consider. One of them is the sort of surface on which your playground will be created. Luckily, artificial turf is quite safe compared to other options. 

But compared to other materials, is it any safer? It is in many ways. It is soft and spongy for children’s inevitable falls, but it is also toxin-free. Polyethylene is the most common material for domestic artificial grass, but it is used to manufacture a wide range of ordinary household items too.

Another critical safety feature is the ability to decrease microbial exposure. If routinely cleaned, synthetic fibers will be free of microorganisms that can accumulate on other types of surfaces.

Our stone supplier in Chandler claims that artificial turf is easier to maintain than real grass and other surface materials like asphalt. 

What Are The Benefits Of Artificial Turf

Here’s a brief list of some artificial turf benefits:

Artificial Turf It’s a Popular Play-Safe System

Safety comes first when it comes to your child’s playtime. Fortunately, compared to other options, artificial turf is considerably safer. 

Artificial turf is bouncy and soft, preventing injuries when kids play rough or fall, and it is cushioned with a soft play pad and crumb-rubber infill. Artificial turf is made with realistic-looking, incredibly soft grass blades.

Pest & Toxin-Free

Naturally, you might believe that natural grass gives your child the safest play environment, but that isn’t the case. 

Real grass needs fertilizers, herbicides, and other possibly hazardous products to stay fresh and green. Since artificial turf doesn’t require the same chemicals for maintenance, it is both non-toxic and unexpectedly eco-friendly. Insects and other pests won’t bother the surface because it isn’t real grass.

Hard-Play Resistant

Kids aren’t exactly known for having gentle hands. With real grass, this could result in a never-ending source of frustration as they wreck your lawn, create a mess, and overall wreak chaos in your yard. 

Our trusted stone supplier in Gilbert reminds you that artificial turf is incredibly strong, so your youngster will have a difficult time ruining it while playing.

Keep The Children Clean

Real grass isn’t just difficult to maintain. It can also create many issues in children. Your youngster may be allergic to the playing surface and grass trimmings. Moreover, dirty shoes and grass stains are two issues that artificial grass cannot solve.

The Grass Always Looks Greener

The best aspect is that your playground will seem new, clean, and fresh all year round with little to no upkeep. Since artificial turf only requires occasional rinsing, you might save up to 70% on your water usage. The lawn won’t fade or stain like actual grass and will remain green throughout each season.

A Longlasting Material

Strong materials, like artificial turf, are essential for playgrounds because they can easily withstand heavy foot traffic without becoming damaged. 

This is especially important in high-traffic areas like playgrounds, where divots and worn patches can form quickly with natural grass, whereas artificial turf does not show signs of wear if properly maintained.

The majority of artificial playground turf surfaces resist heavy foot traffic. Nylon and polyethylene are the two most common materials to create synthetic fiber.

A Mesa Stone Supplier With High-Quality Artificial Turf

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