Natural-Looking Artificial Grass Offers Beauty & Functionality Around Pool Areas

Benefits Of Using Artificial Grass For Your Backyard

A beautiful backyard pool is a continual source of fun and relaxation for your family. One of the best ways to improve your backyard is by installing artificial grass around your pool area. Although natural grass and concrete pavers or bricks are other popular options, we recommend artificial grass for many reasons. It’s low maintenance, looks natural, and is a more durable option than natural grass. Learn more about this amazing backyard upgrade available through your East Mesa artificial grass supplier!

Backyard with artificial grass in Arizona

Artificial Grass Is Safe

The word “artificial” often brings up thoughts of plastic, pollution, and toxicity, but we know that it has never been more important to be aware of the chemicals and materials your family is being exposed to. Homeowners are often relieved to learn that artificial grass is made from non-toxic and chemically stable polymers including nylon and polyethylene. In fact, in many situations, it might even be a safer solution than natural grass!

Since it bypasses the grass allergy issue, East Mesa artificial turf is a great option for many allergy sufferers who struggle to enjoy time outside. Additionally, artificial grass never requires chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides, like many natural grass lawns do, you’ll be free from concern about chemical runoff contaminating your pool or water supply. Since it’s a non-slip surface, you won’t have to worry about children or family members falling and getting hurt. Artificial grass dries quickly and offers a soft surface that is much more pleasing than concrete pavers or bricks. You’ll even have the option of choosing a high pile density and height if softness is especially important to you!

Artificial Grass Is Inexpensive

Homeowners who have installed pools know how vital it is to consider the costs and benefits of each decision involved with their backyard. Artificial grass provides a perfect solution that is cost effective and gets the job done. Your East Mesa supplier and installer of artificial grass can cut and join pieces together to avoid waste, keeping costs even lower. Not having to cut, fertilize, seed, and otherwise maintain a natural grass lawn means you’ll enjoy time and money savings for years to come! Synthetic grass is cheaper than pavers and feels better too.

Artificial Grass Drains Easily

Drainage around your pool area is an important consideration. If drainage is poor, you’ll be continually worrying about wet, slippery surfaces. Natural grass is a haven for hidden puddles that can become a serious slipping hazard. In contrast, East Mesa artificial turf drains extremely well because of the permeability of its perforated backing. If your installation team has prepared the ground properly, your artificial grass lawn will be free of drainage issues so you can enjoy soft, dry grass all year round, even with pool splashing!

Artificial Grass Is Easy To Maintain

Although it costs a bit more upfront to install than artificial grass, the lack of maintenance makes it much cheaper over time. Your new lawn can be expected to last close to 20 years with almost no maintenance, unlike a natural grass lawn that will need constant cutting, trimming, mowing, and watering, along with annual maintenance such as seeding and fertilizing. Your pool maintenance will be reduced, too, because the lack of mud means your pool filters will stay cleaner.

The only maintenance your East Mesa artificial turf will need is occasional combing with a plastic tooth leaf rake, which will remove larger pieces of debris without damaging the grass fibers. A quick hose down can be helpful to remove accumulations of dust or pollen, but this will quickly wash away thanks to its speedy drainage capabilities. If your grass starts to lose its fluffiness, a push broom or power brush is all you’ll need to get your artificial grass back to looking great.

Artificial Grass Looks & Feels Amazing

With artificial turf from your East Mesa artificial grass supplier, you won’t have to sacrifice the look and feel of natural grass; it looks just as beautiful and feels even more soft. You won’t need to worry about mud, dirt, or puddles. Artificial grass gives your pool area a more comfortable and welcoming look than bricks do, and you won’t have to deal with painfully hot concrete surfaces on a summer day. 

Artificial grass is the perfect way to give your backyard a fresh, green look without the maintenance and mess of natural grass. It’s soft, welcoming, and inviting while providing a natural aesthetic without any of the maintenance. Make your home stand out in your neighborhood by installing artificial grass around your backyard pool!

Top Rated Artificial Turf Supplier In Mesa

Centurion Stone is now stocking professional grade artificial turf as a beautiful and natural-looking option for your backyard. Enjoy the benefits of grass without the maintenance and work when you choose soft artificial grass for your pool area. Centurion Stone is proud to offer a variety of grass types along with quality installation services, a generous warranty, and the best pricing in the Valley! Contact us today to see how artificial grass could transform your pool area!


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