Benefits Of Investing In Stone Veneer For Your Home

Did you know that stone veneer can increase the value of your home? When used properly, stone veneer can improve the curb appeal and overall appearance It also reduces common issues associated with traditional brick or natural stone, such as fading paint, aging materials, and expensive maintenance.

Stone veneer is an excellent way to increase the chance of selling your house, especially if you get Queen Creek manufactured stone veneer. Keep reading below to see how this material can work in your new project.

An improved house with stone veneer in Arizona  

High-quality Stone Veneer Is A Necessary Investment 

Any home improvement is an investment, but the investment is not so dramatic for your budget with a new stone veneer. 

This material works very well when trying to enhance the beauty of a property. In a hot real estate market like Arizona, the value of a good remodeling project is necessary. Homeowners who want to sell their homes usually look for low-budget improvements that can increase the curb value. Besides, people also look for the highest return on investment when there’s a home improvement project. 

Whether you want to upgrade the outdoor area or remodel your kitchen, a stone veneer offers many options. It is also lighter than natural stone, easier to install, and less expensive. 

Stone veneer doesn’t require as much work as quarried stone. With quarried stone, you would need the services of a professional stonemason in addition to a reasonable budget to pay for the entire project. In surprising contrast, you can install a stone veneer as a do-it-yourself project (you don’t need the experience to install it!)

All you need is to contact a trusted Apache Junction stone supplier to get the best stone veneer option for your project, and that’s it! The supplier will most likely give you the instructions to install your stone panels at home. 

Stone Veneer Gives Homeowners An Almost 100% ROI

Contrary to popular conceptions, it’s not a window replacement, a deck addition or a mid-range kitchen remodel that increases a home’s curb appeal by almost 100% in ROI. It’s a manufactured stone veneer!

A study from the magazine “Cost vs. Value” made in 2019 proves that stone veneers have become the best support for home value improvement. According to that study, manufactured stone veneer came in at an incredible 94.9% average cost recouped. The only thing that surpasses it is garage door replacement (with 97.5%).

But that’s not all, manufactured stone veneer has been consistent since it was added to other marketing studies back in 2015. Since then, this material has been in the top three in return on investment (ROI). It gave an average of 90% each year!

Therefore, if you are thinking about increasing the value of your home, there’s nothing better than working on a stone veneer project. 

What Exactly Is Manufactured Stone Veneer?

Chandler manufactured stone veneer is part of a category of items called ‘thin veneers’. Many people use these items to accent home exterior and interior areas. Think of it as a thick tile as it is not a structural component of a wall. That’s why it feels like a solid stone in the end. 

Stone veneer is made from concrete, and it has designs that imitate the shapes, sizes, and colors of natural stone. The only different thing is its material (it is much lighter). 

This material is a popular option for a budget-friendly home remodel, offering a wide variety of shapes and color ranges that can achieve the look of natural stone. 

With stone veneer, it’s not difficult to enhance the look of a fireplace or wall at a better cost than real natural stone.

How Can I Use Stone Or Brick Veneer For Home Remodeling?

These are some of the ideas you can consider to remodel your house with stone or brick veneer:

  • Replace some walls in the outdoor area with a stone veneer to give the appearance of a stone foundation.
  • Change your front door into a grand entryway by including stone veneer panels.
  • You can add Gilbert manufactured stone veneer as a base to existing columns or pillars in covered porches.
  • Use stone veneer to cover outdoor fireplaces and countertops in outdoor kitchens. 
  • Use brick or stone veneer to interior walls if you want a unique design. 
  • Improve a fireplace area by adding a new custom concrete mantel and thin veneer. 

Get Premium-Quality Stone Veneer At Centurion Stone of Arizona

In conclusion, remodeling can be a great way to put your unique style into your home and beautify its environment. Some home remodeling projects can also increase your home’s resale value, and as you saw before, stone veneer goes on that list. 

You can create top-notch luxury designs with the best materials by contacting Centurion Stone of Arizona. We have the products, ideas, and design capabilities to help you create your perfect outdoor or indoor space. We offer numerous options for stone veneers, stone pavers, artificial grass, and more!

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