How a Natural Stone Garden Wall Can Add Charisma to Your Yard

Learn How To Improve Your Graden Landscape View With Natural Stones

Few homes are built on perfectly flat land. There is usually some fluctuation in the topography, though the degrees vary. The more severe the elevation changes, the more troublesome the landscape can become, posing challenges for dealing with erosion and runoff. 

Building a retaining wall can help you control stormwater on your property to prevent erosion and to protect your home from water damage. But building a retaining wall can also add charm to your yard, especially if you build it around a garden bed or other landscaped area. You just need to work with a Gilbert stone supplier to find the right landscaping stones to get the look and functionality you want. 

Here are a few ways that a natural stone garden wall can add charisma to your Mesa yard: 

stone wall in a beautiful garden

Beautiful Edging

Creating a border for your garden adds a distinctive edge. Creating a small garden wall provides that edges while also demarcating the areas of your yard clearly. Your choice of stone elevates this border from merely a practical choice to a decorative one.

Stacked flagstone creates a rustic charm for your garden. You can add plants that grow over the edge to enhance the look. River stones can create a unique, natural look. Or you can create a more sophisticated look by choosing stone veneer. Look at samples at a stone supply company in Gilbert to get a sense of the different options in person. 

Seating Wall

Your stone garden wall can perform multiple functions. In addition to providing a decorative edge, the wall can be built to provide seating. You can sit in the garden and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air or be at peace with your thoughts. You can create a special place where you can relax and unwind after a long day or a stressful week at work. 

A seating wall in your garden can be made of stacked stone, or it can be mortared. The stones can be mortared for stability, or a manufactured stone veneer in Chandler can be placed over a concrete-block wall, giving the look of natural stone. Different ledges can be added to the wall, including large pieces of flagstone or even poured concrete. Again, it really depends on what kind of look you want to create. 

Secret Alcoves

A stone garden wall doesn’t have to just mark the edge of the larger garden bed. You can also raise it up to section off parts of your yard and create secret alcoves. You can design the alcoves to highlight different plants, or you can design them to section off quiet sitting areas. You can also design the alcoves to dissect your yard in interesting ways. 

Be creative when designing these alcoves and choosing the stones to create them. Again, work with a stone supplier in Chandler to get ideas and to see how the stones would look in place. Use stone samples or 3D modeling software to get a better idea of how the design will look when it is in place. 

There is such a large selection of natural stones in Gilbert available that you can create just about any look you want. You have your choice of colors, sizes, textures, and patterns just by choosing the different stones and how they are put in place. Natural stones and stone veneers are available. You can get the look you want while also sticking to the budget you have set. Work with a Gilbert stone supplier and a landscaper to see what’s possible for your yard. 

Design your own landscape with a professional stone supplier

Centurion Stone of Arizona has a large selection of natural stones to bring your home décor or landscaping project to life. We carry all types of natural stones, such as flagstone, river rock, slate, and more. We also carry faux stone, including manufactured stone veneer that looks like the real thing. We also have a variety of stone pavers, including driveway pavers. We have a large showroom where you can see samples of all these stones in person and can try out different configurations to see how your design might look in person. We also offer installation to make completing your project even easier. Visit us in Mesa to find the perfect stone for your next project.

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