Preparing Your Garden for a Stunning Upgrade with Natural Stones

Enjoy The View of Natural Stones In Your Arizona Landscape Garden 

Natural stones can be used strategically to update the exterior of your home, ranging from your home’s façade to its hardscape elements to its landscaping. Whether you want to put in a new driveway or you want to create a retaining wall or a new look for your home, you can get a beautiful look with natural stone, including veneer and stone pavers. 

Natural stones are an especially good choice for updating your garden beds and other planted areas, whether you want to move to xeriscaping or you want to add hardscaping elements to your yard. Here are a few things you can do to prepare your garden for a stunning upgrade with landscaping stones

Paver patio with canyon ledge stone and flagstone detail in Gilbert, AZ

Choose the Right Plants

Some plants are better suited for xeriscaping than others. When you add landscaping rocks to a bed, the rocks can get into the soil over time. With a rocky soil, not all plants are going to be able to grow in the bed. You can plan ahead for this scenario by choosing plants that will grow in a rocky soil.

Look for plants that don’t need a lot of water. The rocks will make the soil more porous, so the ground will not remain moist. You should also look for plants that have a robust root system that can grow through that harder, more compact earth. 

Lay Down a Landscape Fabric

You need to give your Mesa landscaping stones a good base in the garden bed with the right landscape fabric. The fabric will provide a barrier between the stones and the soil, helping to keep the stones right on the surface where they can make the most decorative impact. The right landscape fabric also helps to retain moisture and provides a barrier that keeps weeds out, which reduces your maintenance. 

For the best results, look for a landscape fabric in Mesa that has a tightly woven mesh. The fabric will also include pre-lined rows, so you can plan for where you will plant your seeds. Remember that the fabric is bio-degradable and will break down into the soil over time. You will need to replace it to continue to get the benefits it offers. 

Choose the Right Stones

You have a wide variety of options for your choice of landscaping stones in Mesa. The right choice depends upon the look you want to create and where you will use the stones. For example, if you are interested in filling a bed with stones or in general xeriscaping, you should look for small stones and pebbles. Choosing different sizes and colors can give you options for different designs. 

You can choose stone pavers for projects like walkways or even a small patio. You can choose manufactured stone veneer to add to a small garden edge or a retaining wall. You can choose flagstone and other natural stone for decorative accents. You have nearly endless options, depending on what part of your yard you are upgrading and what stones you are using. 

Visit a local Mesa stone supply company  to learn more about your options for landscaping stones. You can look at the stones in person, getting a feel for their look and how they can be combined to create different designs. Many stone suppliers will also offer 3D design software that can help you see what different stones will look like in the project you have in mind. Talk to the stone supplier in Mesa about what you are thinking of doing,  and play around with the stones on display to get some ideas. 

Visit Centurion Stone of Arizona if you are thinking of upgrading your home’s exterior or landscaping in the Mesa area. We have a 10,000-square-foot display area that showcases our extensive variety of stones, including all kinds of landscaping stones, patio pavers, manufactured stone veneer, and more. We have a stone for every project for your home. We’ll help you find the perfect stone for the perfect design for whatever you have in mind. We also offer stone paver installation, making it even easier for you to see your project through to completion. Visit our showroom in Mesa to explore our selection and start bringing your project to life.

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