Natural Stone Veneer Patterns to Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior

Adding stone to your home’s exterior can give it a sophisticated and distinguished look. You can create accent walls, or you can side your entire home in stone. You can add stone to retaining walls, or you can use stone for walkways or even your driveway.

You have many options, depending on the type of stone you choose, the colors, the shapes, the pattern you choose, and so on. Natural stone veneer gives you even more options since it comes in a wider variety of colors and is easy to install. Consider these popular natural stone veneer patterns for your next home exterior project:

Arizona home´s exterior upgraded with Natural Stone

Parquet Stone

Parquet stone offers a smooth surface and precise cut line. The stone often combines a variety of horizontal, rectangular shapes in varying thicknesses. You would see a combination of thicker rectangles with thin strips. Some of the stones may also vary in thickness to create an interesting texture to the surface.

Parquet stone is ideal for exterior walls, whether you want to cover the whole wall or just the bottom half. The stone is also a great choice for an outdoor kitchen. You can use it to cover the oven, the counter area, sitting walls, or other elements of your outdoor kitchen. It is also a good choice for retaining walls anywhere in your landscape.

Score Chiseled Stone

Score chiseled stone has a unique look you won’t find in other stone. Patterned lines are featured in the stone. The lines are uniform, but they are not precise, so the stone has a natural look. If you stack the stone, it will look like a natural formation. You can create a stunning look, depending on where you put the stone and how you install it.

Score chiseled stone looks good on any exterior walls or retaining walls. Consider using it alongside other stone types to create an interest contrast. It can be a kind of accent border, depending on how you use it.

Stack Stone

Stack stone looks similar to parquet stone, but the pieces are bigger, and the thickness varies in greater degrees. The stone looks like actual stone stacked on top of each other, without mortar. It creates a unique effect that you can use for a stunning look for your home’s exterior.

You can use stack stone in any design, but it is especially suitable for mid-century modern homes and design. You can use the stone throughout your exterior, as well as on your interior. Multiple colors are available so you can get the look you want.


The beauty of mosaic is that you can put it together in just about any way you want. The stone comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they are fit together like a puzzle to fill in the space. Mosaic natural stone is not to be confused with mosaic tile artwork, which uses small pieces of tile or glass to create a picture.

Mosaic stone can be used on any of your exterior home projects. It creates a natural look that can fit into any setting and with any home design. Just choose the color you want to fit with your overall design scheme.

Visit your local stone supply company in Chandler to take a look at these and other natural stone veneer options to get a sense for what they look like in person. You can experiment with different patterns and colors to see how that changes the overall look. In most cases, the stone supplier will also have 3D design software to help you see how the stone would look on your property.

Centurion Stone of Arizona is ready to help you find the perfect natural stone veneer for your next home project. We have 10,000-square feet of outdoor display space, with thousands of stones in different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. Our stone specialists can help you visualize your project through hands-on displays and design software so you can see what’s possible with the stone. We are the largest stone supplier in Arizona, and we are committed to providing the highest quality service and product. Visit us today to find the right stone for your next project. We also install!

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