5 Uncommon Stone Fireplace Designs to Keep in Mind

A fireplace can be the beautiful centerpiece of any room. You can also erect an outdoor fireplace to create an eye-catching design for your outdoor entertaining space. Depending on your choice of stone and your overall design, you can create a truly stunning centerpiece that will elevate the look of your home and have your guests talking.

Before you order your stone or your faux stone, consider your design options carefully. Here are 5 uncommon stone fireplace designs you might want to consider:

Pizza Oven Combination

An outdoor pizza oven is a nice addition to an outdoor entertaining space. Not only does it look nice, but it also gives you the opportunity to make some delicious homemade pizzas and breads.

Instead of having an outdoor pizza oven and a fireplace, you can create a single unit that is a combination of both. The pizza oven rests on top – sort of in the chimney – while the fireplace is on the bottom. You have a functional and beautiful centerpiece that will make your outdoor entertaining space seem luxurious.

Poolside Firepit

A firepit is a great centerpiece for your outdoor lounge. Put it next to the pool, and it’s even better. You can get out of the pool and dry off in front of the firepit.

Rather than buying a pre-made firepit made entirely of metal, you should consider having one built out of stone. You can incorporate it into the look of your patio or other outdoor design. It will look more sophisticated, and you will have greater control over the design.

Modern Luxury

Your choice of stone can have a big impact on the style of your fireplace. Even if you want to keep a traditional fireplace shape, you can still update its look with the stone you choose. Choosing something like slate or marble can give your fireplace a modern, luxurious feel.

If you can’t afford these upscale stones, you can get the same look with manufactured stone veneer. You’ll pay less, and no one will ever know that it’s not the real thing.

Rustic Outdoor

The rustic look is very popular these days. Everybody wants a farmhouse chic look thanks to the rise in popularity of figures like Joanna Gaines and the trends on Pinterest. You can easily create the rustic look with your fireplace. The fireplace has such a big impact on the rest of a space that simply redoing your fireplace may be all you need to do to achieve that look.

You have many different choices of stone to create the rustic look, such as travertine, some granite, or brick. Talk to your stone supplier to get recommendations for the best stones to fit your budget and your design vision.


You don’t have to follow the script for any kind of fireplace design that you’ve already seen. You can create a whole new kind of shape or look for your fireplace, whether you intend it for inside your house or out. Consider using different sized stones, different shapes for your fireplace, or a different combination of colors and textures. You have such a variety of stones to choose from that you have many options for your design.

You have a great opportunity to make a beautiful design scheme for your home or your outdoor entertaining space when you redesign or install a fireplace. Consider one of these designs, and then talk to a stone supplier about the best stones for your project. A good stone supply company will help you find the right stones to bring your vision to life while also staying on budget.

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