The Latest in AZ Home Design: Ingenious Stone Accent Walls

Stone accent walls are the latest in home design. They can transform a simple wall into a beautiful focal point, becoming a true work of art all on its own. When the wall is designed with the future décor or use of the room in mind, it can create an even bigger impact.

The latest in AZ home design: ingenious stone accent walls

You can easily create the accent wall yourself with the right prep and the right deal from your local Chandler stone supply company. But before you buy stone veneers, you need to have a great design in mind. Here are a few ingenious ideas for stone accent walls in your Arizona home:

Beautiful Lighting

Your bathroom should be a place that you love to spend time, relaxing in your comfortable tub and letting the cares of your day slip away. But new construction is often uninspiring, and most bathroom walls are plain drywall – or tile if you’re lucky. For lighting, you typically get a single fixture or a single piece of track lighting, and the wattage is far too bright for your stress-reducing soaks.

You can create a beautiful stone accent wall that also helps to transform the lighting in your bathroom. The wall is built on top of the drywall, coming out a few inches to allow for recesses in which you can place soft-glowing candles or imitation LED lighting. You’ll transform your bathroom into a zen-like spa with just this one wall.

Built-In Study

Built-in bookshelves create a tailored and stylish look for your living room or study. But they have also become a bit passé. You likely see built-in bookshelves in every home you visit nowadays. You can set your home apart by creating a built-in study wall of stone veneer that offers the same functionality but a much greater visual impact.

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Place the stone veneer right up to the edge of the wood bookcase set into the wall, or lay the stone veneer so that it covers that wooden edge. Be sure to put accent lighting in the bookcases to highlight the books and accent your design. Include art or décor on the shelves if you like also. You can make the shelves as tall or as wide as you like to shelve what you want and to have the visual impact you want.

Art Wall

Stone veneers is a great for wall art

With the right stone veneers in Chandler, you can turn an accent wall into a piece of art all unto itself. You can create gorgeous patterns with different combinations of colors, textures, and materials. Or you can make an impact with an entire wall of one gorgeous stone. The wall that originally just stood between one room and another can become a focal point instead.

You can make the wall even more beautiful by turning into a gallery wall. On top of the stone, you can hang gorgeous painting or photographs. The stone will frame the art and make it stand out. You can also hang shelves on the wall and put the art on the shelves.

How to Make Stone Accent Walls

Stone veneers make it very easy to create a stone accent wall

Stone veneers make it very easy to create a stone accent wall. However, you do need to do a little prep work first. You will start by building a solid plywood frame in front of the drywall or by putting wood backer strips on the wall. You will then cover that sturdy foundation with lath or backerboard, which will provide a barrier against resistance and give the mortar something to bind to.

To attach the veneer, apply a layer of mortar and score it horizontally. Attach the veneer and wipe away any excess mortar. Then fill the spaces between the stones with mortar and wipe away the excess.

This is a very quick overview of the process, but it helps you understand what’s involved. If it seems like a job that’s beyond your skill level (or motivation level), just buy stone veneers at a good price and hire a contractor to install them. You’ll save a lot of money on the remodel and ensure professional results.

Centurion Stone of Arizona can help you get the best price when you are ready to buy stone veneers, and we can even help you with installation. We carry an extensive selection of veneers that would be perfect for all types of stone accent walls. Whatever look you are trying to create, we can help you create it. Explore our gallery page to see what some of our stone looks like in home décor projects, or call us today to get professional advice about what stone would be best suited to your project.

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