Interior Design Insights: How To Choose The Right Natural Stone

If you are looking to design or do a makeover to your kitchen, bathroom, or any house room and you are looking for tips and recommendation of different natural stone options, you have come to the right place. In Chandler, Centurion Stone of Arizona understands that this can be overwhelming because of all the shapes, sizes, colors and the different stone materials you can choose, and this is the reason why we want to help you with your decision with this blog.

How To Choose the Right Natural Tone in Chandler

One of the positive sides of natural stone for your Chandler home is that it is durable for its long lifespan and rustic look and can match any decoration inside your home. Some natural stones need extra care in maintenance and also some weather protection if it is going to be an outdoor decoration. You should choose an affordable natural stone that goes with the place you want to decorate. First, you need to keep in mind three essential points before deciding what natural stone to buy:

1) Don’t Exceed Your Budget

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It is true that there are natural stone options that have high prices and low prices, and the high prices tend to look better than the rest. You need to keep in mind that you can find cheaper options that can make the room you want to decorate better than the expensive option. Centurion Stone of Arizona can help you choose the best natural stone for your home. We have many affordable natural stone veneers like Big Horn, Elk Ridge, Bark, and more.

2) Different Stones Require Different Maintenance

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Depending on the natural stone you want, different kind of stones are easier to maintain than others and just require simple cleaning methods like a wet wiping with a damp cloth. Different natural stones have different textures and colors, so they need different methods of cleaning and maintenance like mild detergent or special stone soap. You can check more information the Guide to the Care and Cleaning of Natural Stone by the Marble Institute.

3) Different Colors Brings A Impact on the Room

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Have you ever read something about how something simple like different colors can change the look of a room completely? For example, green color can show a sense of health and renewal, while light blue can make your room feel with a lot of energy. Centurion Stone of Arizona has different colors available like Brown and Grey for our Rubble stones. You can find out more in our stone gallery.

Selecting Stone to Complement Your Existing Decor

Unless you are building an entire room from scratch, you need to combine the tones of your furniture with natural stones that will complement them. If you have furniture with dark tones, you can lighten everything up with Marble natural stone. Otherwise, with white or light tones in your furniture, you can go with dark granite.[lyte id=”eQpzVIQuiN4″ /]

Natural Stone Options to Choose From

As we mentioned before, different natural stones need a different kind of maintenance. We are going to suggest some of the natural stone options that require little cleaning:

  • SLATE:  Slate is an unusual natural stone tile mix of chlorite and quartz.  These tiles often have vibrant colors like green, blue, and purple but with darker tones. It is recommended to be used in outdoors near your backyard, but it can work indoors depending on your decorations.
  • GRANITE: This natural stone is close to a volcanic rock that ranges from a white color to black color. Out of all the natural stones available, this one has the hardest texture, so it’s hard to scratch and damage it which brings a perfect match to places with high traffic, countertops, and fireplaces. Even though it has a high resistance, please avoid using ammonia-based cleaners on it.
  • ONYX: Considered one of the most precious stones for its almost transparent effect, this natural stone have white and pastel tones that can go with house areas that have white decorations, like bathrooms or kitchens.
  • LIMESTONE: This natural stone has a grainier texture than granite, with more uniform and polished varieties. You can choose limestone for any flooring and walls for both indoor and outdoor areas and even for the tiles that surround your pool.
  • TRAVERTINE: Travertine comes close to look like a Limestone, with the difference that it has a more crystalline texture with pores and cavities that can be left unfilled or filled depending on the finished product. Travertine comes in brownish tones that can match more indoor areas.
As you can see, there are many kinds of natural stone options to choose from for any part of your house. If you want to find out more types of affordable natural stones, you can check out our natural stone gallery If you are looking for a stone supplier near Chandler, Centurion Stone of Arizona is the place to contact. Call us to learn more about your natural stone collection and our affordable installation prices.

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