Building Your Own Stone Paver Fire Pit

Having a stone paver fire pit in your home can be beneficial for several reasons. It can bring a brand new look to your backyard or your house entrance Since it is made with stone pavers, it can give you a classy, mystical look, enchanting your visitors and showing them how good your place is. A superior stone paver fire pit can make your home more enjoyable in days that are too cold or even use it to cook any meat using wood on the rest of the seasons.

building your stone pave fire pit in az

With proper planning, a stone paver fire pit can work pretty well for you every day of the year. Centurion Stone of Arizona has the design capabilities and the products to help you create the indoor or outdoor area of your dreams. You can contact us to clear any doubt you may have about our services. Stone pavers are the recommended type of stones for a fire pit, with different kinds available to choose.

Stone Paver Options for a Fire Pit

Fire Pit Catalina Sevill Pavers

  • Catalina Stone Paver: This type of stone paver has clean lines and a smooth surface. This stone come in light grayish tones.
  • Native Stone Paver: Native stones comes in tones of red, yellow, and darker shades to represent the desert theme in Gilbert, Arizona.
  • Pima Stone Paver: These are the stone pavers with our darkest tones, like charcoal. Pima stone pavers are one of the most chosen for an entrance way, it is also one of the preferred options to assemble a fire pit.
  • Sandstone Stone Paver: As its name indicates, it is made to represent natural sand color and its texture
If you want to see more types of stone pavers, you can access our Stone Paver Gallery.Also, to know how a stone paver fire pit would look, we have a Fire Places and Fire Pits Galleryfor you to check out.

How do you make a Stone Paver Fire Pit?

Mesa AZ Centurion Stone Veneer Sale November 2016

We bet this is the question most asked when someone is interested in having a stone paver fire pit – “So, how do you make one?” – It is not hard; you just need to have patience and dedication to build one. For a fire pit, you need stone pavers, sand (not necessarily from the beach, a hardware store should have some), shovel, tape measure and a steel rake. You will also have to build it in a place where you can dig a little. Remember not to make one next to any trees or flammable stuff.

1- Place your stone pavers in a circle shape with the size of the wood you are going to use. Different people use various sizes of wood, but the average circle diameter of a fire pit is 38 or 40 inches. (This is one stone layer, you are going to add the second one later)

2- When you finish making your perfect circle, go ahead and dig a 12-inch hole inside your circle radius.

3- At the bottom, pour 2 to 4 inches of sand and tamper it, making sure everything is flat.

4- This is when you start your second paver stone layer. There should be a 12-inch distance between the top of the stone pavers and the sand layer, so if you are missing some paver stone to complete the distance, you can add a third layer.

5- Put 3 or 4 logs in a pile inside your fire pit. If it ends up lower than your stone paver wall, go ahead and add more sand to the bottom.

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If you want to have your stone paver fire pit in Gilbert, Centurion Stone of Arizona can provide you with high-quality materials with clear instructions if you want to do it yourself. Otherwise, our professional installers can do everything for you. To acquire your materials, you can just give us a call and explain what you want, then we will deliver it to you unless you want to pick them up yourself.

We recommend you to come to our areas at Mesa and Prescott in Arizona to check out the showcase of all our products. Company owner and president, Bruce Ross, vision and commitment have made our corporation receive the title of “The Hardest” stone manufacturer in the industry from The American Society for Testing and Materials. Don’t hesitate to reach us at our contact information if you want to find more about our stone supplier services in Gilbert, AZ.

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