How a Stone Firepit Can Boost Your Backyard’s Appeal



4 Reasons To Work With a Mesa Stone Supply Company To Install a Fire Pit In Your Backyard

Do you love to spend time outside? Would you describe your backyard or patio as a luxury retreat? Many people dread the end of summer with its hot days perfect for spending time in the pool and relaxing in the shade. But even though cooler weather will mean the end of swimming, it doesn’t mean you can’t continue to enjoy the great outdoors all year round. The solution is a natural stone outdoor fire pit, which will be sure to boost the appeal of your backyard. Here are some great reasons to work with a Mesa stone supply company to design and install a fire pit in your backyard.

Beautiful Backyard Fire Pit With Catalina Sevill Pavers In Mesa, AZ

1. Fire Pits Make Your Patio a Multi-Season Space

While the summer heat is blazing right now and it’s hard to imagine cooler weather, before you know it the outside temperature will start dropping. That’s where a fire pit will come in handy to warm you up on those cool nights. Some people will opt to place a fire pit on the main part of their patio near the house. This will make it easy to arrange chairs around the edges of the fire pit and have a few blankets on hand for people who feel extra cold. Others decide to place their fire pit a little farther away from the main seating area, where access to firewood might be a little easier, and you have the advantage of creating a second seating area for when you have a larger group of guests. Wherever you decide to put it, an outdoor fire pit carefully created with Mesa stone pavers will have your friends and family gathering around the toasty spot you’ve created! You’ll love that your backyard will be a comfortable place for gathering and relaxing through all four seasons.

2. Fire Pits Add Ambiance

Even better than candles or rope lights, the glow of a natural stone fire pit made with Mesa stone pavers adds soft visual warmth to your backyard. Fires have a magical way of creating a sense of closeness between those gathered around them, creating the perfect ambiance for sharing stories and conversation. Fire pits also set the mood for intimate conversation or romantic evenings. Watch the hypnotic flames while you cuddle up close together.

3. Fire Pits Provide Entertainment

While some people prefer a low maintenance propane fire pit, others especially appreciate the satisfaction that comes from a wood burning fire pit. From stacking the wood to stoking the fire to watching logs burn and fall apart, the simple tasks involved with keeping a flame alive can be a source of entertainment and pleasure. A fire pit crafted by Mesa stone paver installation offers the perfect place for entertaining and gathering.

4. Stone Fire Pits Offer a Great Cooking Tool

There are fewer things that fuel our primal selves more than cooking over an open flame in a backyard fire pit. The options are almost endless. You can use a full cast iron pan set up for burgers, potatoes, vegetables, and many other delectable dishes. Try a roast pig for something really exciting! But even if these don’t suit your fancy, you’ll find that a few sticks and marshmallows can make for a really memorable evening with friends and family. S’mores are a classic American treat, and around a Mesa stone paver fire pit is one of the best ways to enjoy them. Make your home the favorite place for gathering by installing a natural stone fire pit in your backyard. Who knows, you might even find that outdoor cooking becomes a fun new hobby with delicious rewards.

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If your backyard needs some new appeal and year-round features, visit Centurion Stone of Arizona to talk about designing a fire pit. We are Mesa’s number one stone supplier and offer a wide variety of stone veneers, pavers, and artificial turf to help you bring to life whatever you’ve been envisioning for your backyard. Our experienced team is happy to meet all of your needs by helping with design, installation, delivery, expert advice, or do it yourself pick up. Contact Centurion Stone of Arizona today or pay us to visit to get started on your backyard oasis!


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