Choosing the Right Natural Stone Paver

The right stone choice can make or break your exterior design. The right stone will complement the look of your home and your landscape design, and it will offer the right properties to hold up to the wear and tear of climate changes and expected foot traffic.

Choosing the right natural stone paver

Fortunately, you have dozens of choices for natural stone pavers. The better the Chandler stone supply yard, the better the selection of pavers. You may have a harder time deciding what stones to pick than finding the right stones.

Here’s a look at the different types of stone pavers and what each has to offer to help you make your choice:


You can get bricks in different colors and textures

Brick is one of the most common choices for stone pavers. They are inexpensive, and they have a classic look that goes well with just about any patio or home design. But if you do want a different look, you can get bricks in different colors and textures. You can also configure the bricks in different designs, like herringbone.

Brick is also strong and stain-resistant, so it will last you many years. If you seal it, you will protect it against staining and fading, which will add more years to its life.

The downside of brick is that it can be cumbersome to work with. The pavers are small, so placing them by hand can take quite a long time. The smaller size also means that there are more lines between the pavers, which creates more opportunities for weeds.


Sandstone is easy to work with

Sandstone has a lovely shade that is ideal for Arizona walkways and patios. It blends right in with the desert horizon and the surrounding landscape. But even if you don’t like the natural color that sandstone has, you can choose from many other color varieties. The stone is easy to work with, and it is typically cut in larger, jagged pieces that resemble natural pieces of flat stone.

The downside of sandstone is that it can be a bit more expensive – as much as $11 per square foot, depending on the color and style you choose. Some sandstone pavers can also have color blotching and inconsistency, depending on the quality of the stone and the stone supply store in Chandler.


Flagstone has a luxurious look

Flagstone has a gorgeous, luxurious look to it that will instantly elevate the profile of your Arizona home. It is typically a medium to dark gray, but it can come in more earthy tones. You can use flagstone as a paver, or you can use it to create a retaining wall or garden border.

Flagstone is one of the more expensive stone options, so you may want to steer clear if you are on a strict budget. But since you’re only likely to invest in natural stone pavers once in your home’s lifetime, you might as well spring for the highest quality and make the biggest impact with your money.


Granite isn’t just for your countertops! You can get beautiful granite pavers for your walkways or patio. The pavers are some of the strongest and most durable on the market, as you might expect. They can stand up to just about any damage, and they will retain their beauty even under the heaviest foot traffic.

The downside to granite is that it is very hard to work with and, of course, is very expensive. But again, if you want to make an impact with your remodel, you might as well invest in a beautiful stone that is going to last as long as your home will.


Slate is another high-end stone that is both durable and beautiful. Yet it is easier to shape than granite, thanks to its slightly softer finish. However, the same properties make it more susceptible to moisture, which can damage it and shorten its life span. You will have to keep slate sealed to protect it from moisture damage and staining.

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Whatever you choose, know that you can’t go wrong by choosing natural stone pavers. They are stronger and more beautiful than other options, and they will help to increase the value of your Arizona home.

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