Trying to Install Artificial Grass? Make Sure Your Pet Approves!

Have you tried growing grass in Arizona? It’s a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. You have to constantly water it, add amendments to the soil, and re-seed, among other things. If you have pets, they add another complication. Anywhere they pee, you’ll get yellow and brown burn spots where the urine kills the grass.

Artificial grass in Gilbert is a great alternative for Arizona homeowners – especially those who have pets. Not sure? Here are a few of the many benefits that synthetic grass offers to pet owners:

Easier Maintenance

As we mentioned, maintaining synthetic grass isn’t nearly as involved as maintaining real grass. Not only can you skip all the watering and seeding, but you don’t even have to mow it.

Picture of a recent Chandler Fake Grass Project By Centurion Stone Pets can kill real grass with their waste, but especially their urine. You can take the time to train your pets to go in one part of the yard, but they may still have accidents. You can also give your pets supplements that will neutralize their urine so it doesn’t kill the grass, but that can get expensive, and some pets actually get sick from the supplements. With artificial grass, you don’t have to do any of that.

No Muddy Paws

What if it’s raining and your pet goes outside to do its business? Chances are good that you’ll have muddy paw prints tracking across your floor from the door afterward. Arizona has a long monsoon season and plenty of regular rains in between, so there is a lot of opportunity for muddy paw prints. With Gilbert artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about that.

Fewer Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks like natural materials for their nests. Ticks, especially, like long grasses and leaf piles. With artificial grass, you take away this natural habitat, and you reduce the risk of infestation on your dog or cat. That will improve your pet’s health and comfort. Plus, you won’t have to spend as much on flea and tick treatments and shampoos.

Choosing the Right Artificial Turf

There are even more benefits to synthetic grass if you choose the right product and the right company.

For example, cleaning up pet waste is very easy on artificial turf if it is installed correctly. It should be applied over a bed of gravel and other fill material that allows water to drain easily. Pet urine should easily fall through the drainage bed, and you can spray down feces to get it to drain away. It’s also good practice to spray urine just so that the smell won’t linger on the surface.

Choosing the right infill can also help you control odors from pet waste. Copper slag and silica are both great choices for keeping odors at bay. You can also get special pellets that both deodorize and disinfect. That way, you can inhibit the growth of bacteria also.

Getting Your Pet to Enjoy Synthetic Grass

Some particular pooches and discerning felines may prove persnickety about synthetic grass. It’s new to them, so they may not like walking on it right away, and they may refuse to do their business on it. This phase shouldn’t last. In fact, most pets love to romp and roll on the artificial grass, just like it’s the real thing.

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However, if your pet proves resistant, just use typical training techniques to get him to go on the grass. Take your pet to the spot you prefer at the times of day he usually does his business, and use treats as a reward any time he goes. You may also want to treat liberally while you are getting your pet used to the new grass.

Place some of your pet’s favorite items around the grass, as well, such as a chew toy or bone, something he likes to lie on, and so on. You may even want to put some fresh grass clippings on the artificial turf at the start.
Once your pet warms to the new grass, we’re sure it will prove to be for the best for both you and your pet. You’ll both enjoy many benefits that will make life easier.

Centurion Stone of Arizona offers artificial grass installation in addition to our other outdoor stone products near Gilbert, such as veneers for outdoor kitchens and pavers for patios. With our artificial grass and stone selection, you can create a beautiful, backyard entertaining space that both your guests and your pets will love. Contact us in Arizona today to get an estimate for synthetic grass.