Combining Stone Features To Create a Stunning Natural Pool


How To Enhance Your Home Landscape With a Natural Swimming Pool & Stone Features

A natural swimming pool can be a stunning addition to your Mesa home. Natural swimming pools have a unique look, and they combine some sophisticated landscaping design elements with beautiful greenery, stones, and other natural components. Plus, natural swimming pools are easier to maintain. You fill them up once, and you let the plants in the pool do the work of filtering it, rather than adding a lot of chemicals or monitoring their levels. Because of that, natural swimming pools are also better for the environment than traditional swimming pools.

Stone is the perfect material for constructing and accenting your natural swimming pool. If you are thinking of designing a natural pool, work with a stone supply company to find beautiful, high-quality stones that will accent the design. Here are a few ways that you can combine stone features to create a stunning natural pool design:

How To Enhance Your Home Landscape With a Natural Swimming Pool & Stone Features In Mesa, AZ


A natural pool needs a natural border. You certainly can pour a solid, concrete deck around the pool, but it will look much better if you use stone pavers that enhance the pool’s natural look. Consider flagstone or other flat stones with irregular shapes. Choosing stone square pavers will create a geometric look that doesn’t quite fit the natural décor.

Accent Boulders

Think about natural water spaces you’ve seen, like rivers, lakes, or even waterfalls. Usually, there are large rocks around the edges of the water or in the background spaces. You can create a similar look for your natural swimming pool with accent boulders. Choose rocks that complement your stone pavers or other hardscaping.

Retaining Walls

You can create a nice border for your natural swimming pool with a retaining wall. The wall can actually separate higher elevations of your yard, or it can be a freestanding wall. You can also connect the wall to a seating area or other features, such as a fountain or fire pit. Work with a stone supply company to find the perfect materials to create the wall so that it offers the look and functionality you want.

Tanning Ledges & Seating Areas

You can add many of the same features to a natural swimming pool as you can to a traditional swimming pool. Consider adding a tanning or seating ledge to the pool so that you can enjoy the soothing water without having to immerse yourself. You can choose natural stones for these ledges so that they enhance the overall look, rather than having a concrete seat poured. Or you can pour the space with concrete and then embed flagstone or other stones to achieve the look you want.

Waterfalls & Other Water Features

Elevate the design of your natural swimming pool by adding water features such as fountains or jets, or create a truly stunning design with a small waterfall. Boulders and other stones can be stacked up, and a pump can be run through the stones to create a small waterfall at the edge of the pool. It will look like you have your own private paradise in your backyard.


You don’t have to build your natural pool right next to your backdoor. In fact, it might be better if you don’t. That will give you more options for planting beautiful trees, bushes, and other ornamental plants around the pool to create an amazing design for the space. Therefore, you can build pathways from the house to the pool and other areas of your yard. Choose from a variety of stone pavers to find just the right look to tie your home design to your pool design.

Find the right stone supplier to help you choose the perfect stones for your natural pool design. You’ll get long-lasting enjoyment from your pool while also creating a beautiful design.

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