Incorporating Artificial Turf Into Your Background Playground Design


The Benefits Of Adding Artificial Grass In Your Kids Playground

Artificial turf can transform your yard, providing a beautiful, lush and green cover for your space without any of the usual maintenance that grass requires. If you have children, artificial turf is an especially good choice, as it offers many great benefits, such as providing a soft and shock-absorbent surface that is also durable and hypo-allergenic.

If you are creating a playground space in your backyard, you might think that you won’t be able to have grass since the kids would trample it with their playing. Putting artificial turf in allows you to get the look of grass while also enjoying numerous other benefits. Here are a few ideas for how to incorporate artificial turf into your playground design:

The Benefits Of Adding Artificial Grass In Your Kids Playground In Mesa, AZ

Use a Different Artificial Turf Color

Artificial turf comes in a variety of shades of green, allowing you to get just the look you want for your space. While you can certainly choose a color that most closely resembles the grass in the rest of your yard, you can also choose a color that creates an interesting contrast to the surrounding area and creates a clearly defined space for the playground area.

Experiment with different colors to see how they look in the space. Your artificial turf provider may be able to provide a picture with 3D design software, or you may be able to use samples on site to get a sense for how the different options will look.

Add Accent Lighting

Playsets can be more than large yard furniture. With the right choices, they can become a beautiful focal point in a larger, well-planned design. Adding accent lighting to the play area can highlight features of the play area, while also setting it off from the rest of the yard. The artificial turf beneath the play area will provide a beautiful foundation for the scene.

Plant Shrubs Or Trees

Landscaping can enhance your play space and tie in with the artificial turf. Consider planting small shrubs or ornamental trees around the edges of the play area. Think about how the trees will look when they are mature, and choose trees that will best enhance the structure. Also, ensure that you are providing enough space so that the branches of the mature trees don’t intrude on the play space or drop dangerous debris on the space.

The shrubs and trees can provide a natural border for the turf also, creating a nice separation between it and the grass. You can also use pavers, flagstone, or other natural stone to create a border or path.

Install a Fence Or Hedges

A fence or tall hedges can create privacy for your play space so that your children can play safely. You can install the fence or hedge around the whole yard, or you can add some strategic panels or hedges around the play area.

Consider the materials or types of hedges you choose to tie in with the overall design of the play area. Choose colors, textures, and shapes that will complement the play structure and other design elements. Plan for a border between the artificial turf and the fence or hedges. You can create some xeriscaping with gravel or pebbles, or you can choose a stone border with pavers or other stones.

Using artificial turf in your backyard play space can give the area a beautiful look that is also safer and more comfortable for your children. The turf won’t feel rough or scratch the way mulch or sand can, and it is anti-bacterial and soft for safe play. Use these tips to incorporate artificial turf into a beautifully designed play space in your backyard.

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