A Simple Guide On How To Choose The Right Artificial Grass For Your Yard

Recommendations To Choose The Right Turf For Your Yard 

When it comes to choosing the right artificial turf for your yard, budget isn’t the only thing to consider. Artificial turf is an investment in your home, and you want it to look amazing for years to come. Check out this guide from your Mesa artificial grass supplier on how to choose the right turf for your yard.

Recommendations To Choose The Right Turf For Your Yard 

Consider Traffic Levels

One of the most important considerations is how much traffic the area will be handling. If you have pets or kids who frequently play outside, or if you host a lot of pool parties, you’ll need to install artificial turf that is extremely durable. Installing a turf that is lower quality will cause it to quickly wear out. As a bonus, durable turf tends to be extremely soft and have a non-abrasive texture.

Determine Quality

A high qualify artificial turf will feel soft, have an evenly backing, hold a consistent color, and be well-stitched. Although it may be a higher upfront investment, a quality turf will last longer and look better than cheap turf. Ask your Chandler supplier and installer of artificial grass for samples so you can make sure that you choose an artificial turf that you love and that will fit well with your home.

Examine The Density & Weight

Turf density is a measurement of the number of fibers per square unit. The more dense the Gilbert artificial turf is, the more yarn content it has. Dense turfs offer aesthetic appeal and tends to be more durable. If budget is a major concern for you, a less dense turf can be improved with sand fill to promote longevity and performance.

If you’re installing turf in your backyard, you probably don’t need to consider the weight, but if you want to install it in your balcony or on your roof, you’ll need to think about the load limit. A dense turf with a taller pile height will be heavier than a less dense turf.

Consider Infill & Backing

Ask your Phoenix artificial grass supplier about how much infill they recommend for your yard. Infill is usually rubber crumb or sand and keeps the turf springy so it feels like natural grass. Your material choice will usually depend on your preference and your budget. You’ll be able to choose between polyurethane and latex backing. Polyurethane holds its shape extremely well, while latex can shrink or expand by a few millimeters. Both types of backing offer their own benefits, but if your area is prone to extreme temperatures, polyurethane backing is probably the better choice.

Think About Color

You may think of grass as just green, but artificial grass is available in plethora of beautiful green shades, including olive, lime, forest, and more. Cheaper turf tends to be extremely uniform in color, making it look fake, while a quality Mesa artificial turf will look more natural and include different shades of green, and maybe even some brown flecks. It’s ideal to take samples home and see how they will compliment your home before you make a final color decision.

Remember Maintenance

Although artificial grass requires less maintenance than natural grass, it will still need occasional maintenance to promote a long lifespan and keep it looking great. Ask your Mesa supplier and installer of artificial grass for their maintenance recommendations, and consider how much time you have to put into maintenance before you make a final selection on a style. Generally speaking, higher quality artificial grass will require a higher upfront investment, but it will pay for itself with less maintenance and a longer lifespan. You won’t need to do much to have an amazing, green, soft backyard.

Which Artificial Grass Is Best For Me?

Artificial grass can be a perfect solution for someone who wants a beautiful backyard with minimal maintenance. But it’s important to choose the right type and style for your needs. Talk with your Chandler artificial grass supplier to learn more about the available options so you can find the perfect style for your home.

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