Adding Elegance & Style With Natural Stone Interior Features


Arizona’s Reliable Stone Suppliers Give Natural Stone Design Ideas For Your Home

Natural stone can transform your home, whether you use it inside or outside your home. You can add it to your home façade to create a more sophisticated and luxurious look than your vinyl siding-clad neighbors. But you can also bring the stone inside to achieve the same results. With the right natural stone products, you can create a truly glamorous look for your home.

Here are a few ideas to consider for using natural stone and veneers to your home’s interior to add elegance and style:

Beautiful Natural Stone Home Design In Mesa, AZ

Natural Stone Walls

Painted drywall is pretty standard fare in the rooms of most homes, and that makes it pretty boring and uninspiring. Adding stone to your walls will make them more dramatic and stylish. You can use larger stones for a real statement piece, or you can use stone veneer to minimize space and still achieve a stylish look.

You’ll need to talk with your stone supplier and interior decorator to determine the right stones to use for your space. If you are using heavy stones, you will need to be sure that the wall can support it. You may have to add foundational elements under the stone, or you may need to find a veneer that matches the look of the stone for a lighter-weight application.

Stone Columns

You don’t have to create a whole stone wall to get the style updates from natural stone. If you have structural or decorative columns in your home, adding stone to the base or even the whole column can create a dramatic difference.

Work with a designer to see how different stones or stone veneer would look in the space to choose the right product. You can also work with stone samples to get an idea of the look each will produce.

Knee Walls

You may have a knee wall dividing a room or other space, while still giving an open feeling. You can accent this knee wall with columns, ledges, and – of course – natural stone. Cladding a wall with natural stone is a great option for those who like the look of the stone but who don’t want to overwhelm a room by covering an entire wall with the stone.

Knee walls offer more versatility for adding stone since they are smaller and the stone won’t add as much weight. The smaller space means you can also be more daring in your style choices.

Natural Stone Fireplace

Of course, your fireplace is a great place to add stone for style. Stone has traditionally been used to prevent the spread of fire from embers. However, your choice of stone has a big impact on your style.

Visit a stone supplier to learn more about the different types of stones, shapes, colors, patterns, textures, and more. You can try out different combinations using the samples provided so that you can create a truly stunning look.

Natural Stone Veneers

Know that stone veneer is a great option for any room in your home. The thin tile can be hung on any wall, and it can be used in any space. You can put stone veneer in your shower surround, your kitchen backsplash, or even your floors.

Veneer comes in a large selection of colors, patterns, sizes, and shapes. It is easy to install, and it does not require additional supports. Visit a stone supply company to learn more about your options with stone veneer to get the same great look of natural stone.

Contact Experienced Stone Suppliers In Mesa

Work with a designer to determine what will look great in your home, then visit Centurion Stone of Arizona to find the perfect stone for your next project. We have all kinds of natural stone, including for your home façade, your hardscaping, and every room of your interior. We have natural stone, as well as manufactured stone veneer. We also have stone pavers for your landscaping or driveway, and we even offer stone paver installation. We have a 10,000-square-foot showroom in Mesa with the largest selection of stone in Arizona that allows you to see all our products in person. You can visit us in Mesa today or order your stone online. We’re ready to help you get a beautiful new look for your home.


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