Enhancing Your Swimming Pool Design With Artificial Grass

4 Reasons Why Having Artificial Grass Around The Pool Improves Your Home’s Aesthetics

A beautiful swimming pool can not only offer you a nice place to relax and entertain guests, but it can also enhance your landscape. You can surround your pool with flagstone, stone pavers, or other natural stone accessories to create a gorgeous look that will uplift what would otherwise be a flat and uninteresting space with just grass or maybe sand.

In addition to the stylish hardscaping you can add to enhance your swimming pool, you can also add artificial grass. You can use artificial turf to enhance the functionality around your pool, as well as to improve its look. Here are a few ideas:

Artificial Grass Around a Swimming Pool in Mesa, AZ

Artificial Grass Is An Awesome Pool Deck

Artificial grass makes a wonderful deck for your pool. It creates a gorgeous green carpet right up to the edge of the crystal blue water, making for a lovely contrast. Plus, when you step out of the pool, your feet land on a soft layer of grass, rather than hard concrete.

Practically, the grass also improves safety around the pool side. The grass soaks up the water (with built-in drainage) and provides a non-slip surface. You get the best of both worlds by putting artificial grass around your pool.

Synthetic Grass Creates A Natural Area Throughout The Swimming Pool

Many people like to add stone to the sides of their free-form or lagoon swimming pool. This creates a natural look that is very pleasing. It can be combined with water features to make a trickling stream or even a waterfall.

All that water and stone next to the pool can create some safety issues. Anyone can slip and hit their head or become seriously injured in another way. Adding a little artificial turf next to the pool provides a buffer between the stones, while also enhancing the look of a natural area.

Artificial Turf Is a Better Low-Maintenance Option

Some people will just try to grow natural grass around their pool to get the same benefits of artificial grass without having to put in the time or money to install it. But what they find is that it is quite difficult to grow natural grass next to a pool. The grass gets water-logged very easily, and it gets crushed under heavy foot traffic. You’ll spend a lot more time and money trying to protect and nurture the natural grass.

Artificial grass lets you get natural-looking décor without all the maintenance. You can use the artificial turf alone, or you can combine it with other artificial or even natural plants (in pots).

Synthetic Grass Provides a Barrier For Natural Landscaping

Adding plants to your hardscaping can make a lovely, and even tropical, look for your pool area. But the chlorinated water from your pool will quickly kill many of those plants. By putting in a little bit of artificial turf between your pool and those plants, you can protect them from chemicals and give them a chance to thrive.

Work with your landscape or pool designer to determine the right buffer zone to keep your plants healthy, as well as to protect the design you want to have.

There are many ways that you can use artificial grass around your pool to create a nice look for your backyard, as well as to enhance the safety and functionality of the space. Work closely with a landscape designer or pool designer to learn about other options, or to review how these options might look in your backyard. You should also consider adding stones and additional pool features, such as water features or fire features, to create a truly amazing space.

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