Unique Ways To Implement Landscape Rocks To Your Backyard Design

Centurion Stone Of Arizona Gives Landscaping Rock Ideas For Your Outdoor Patio

Have you been feeling a bit uninspired when you look out at your backyard? Or does your home seem to lack curb appeal when you pull in your driveway? You can fix both of these issues with a little landscape design. You can transform any space from a dull canvas to something you would expect to see in the pages of a home décor magazine. And you can do a lot just with the right landscaping stones.

Not sure where to start? Consider some of these unique ways to implement landscape rock into your backyard design (and maybe even some other areas of your property):

A Beautiful Backyard Design With Landscape Rocks In Mesa, Arizona

Garden Stepping Stones

Stepping stones can create a nice pathway through any part of your yard so that you can get from place to place without worrying about mud. You can make a path of stepping stones from your back door to your shed. You can create a trail of stepping stones around your garden. Or you can trust create stepping stones as a kind of border around a sitting area or flower garden.

You can use a variety of stones for your stepping stones, but some popular options include flagstone and quartzite. You can also got with a plain brick stone, and you can surround the stones by pebbles or gravel to help water drain away and to provide a nice accent.

Rock Pathways Landscaping

You can create a solid pathway that serves the same purpose as stepping stones but that gives you more coverage. You also have more design options for a pathway. You can use gold canyon landscape pavers to create a solid path, or you can create a pathway of packed pebbles. With the pebbled path, you can add accents with border stones.

Experiment with different colors, sizes, and textures of stones to get the right look for your pathway.

Water Fountain For Outdoors With Pebble Details

Water features can really elevate the look of your yard, creating a sophisticated accent. Water features are also nice to look at, and they can be put at the center of a space designed for relaxing.

You can install a small fountain and surround it with pebbles or small stones accessories, letting the water flow into the stones and into the ground. Or you can install larger rocks and stack them around a pump to create a waterfall feature. Work with a landscape designer to determine what’s possible.

Boulder Accents With Stone Accessories

You can make a big impact with only a few stones, given they are the right stones. Small to medium boulders can be placed strategically through your yard to highlight certain areas. You can put a few accent boulders around a planted area, for instance, at the start of a path, next to a planter, or another area.

Make a sketch of your yard to get an idea where boulders might best be used as accent pieces. You can also use a 3D design software if you have access to it, or have a landscape designer put something together for you.

Pebbles Or Small Rocks For Ground Cover

A lot of people use mulch for groundcover. Here in Arizona, xeriscaping is a more popular option because the hot temperatures make it hard to grow grass or other plants. You can create ground cover with pebbles and other small landscaping stones.

Experiment with different sizes and colors of stones to create the look you want and get the coverage you need.

Landscape stones can really elevate the look of your backyard if used properly, and they can enhance the functionality of the space. You can divide the space for better flow or to get more use out of it, and you can accent the spaces you currently have. Visit a Gilbert stone supplier to learn more about your landscaping stones options, and work with a landscape designer to get some ideas.

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