Top 3 Landscape Gravel Ideas

If you are considering trying to spruce up your yard in Arizona, there are surely many ideas that have crossed your mind. Which materials you use, the design of the landscaping, and the expanse of how much you want to landscape are all extremely important factors when you are trying to make this choice.

Top 3 Landscape Gravel Ideas

Choosing the best Chandler stone supply company can also help you with these decisions. The best and most cost effective landscaping choice is gravel. Gravel comes in many different shapes, a variety of colors, and plenty of sizes so that you have a library of options when deciding how best to proceed with your lawn refurbishment. Here are some tips for using this landscaping tool effectively when trying to landscape your home.

1) Mulch

A common landscaping product that a lot of homeowners use is mulch. People tend to use this to cover up the unsightly dirt and soil in their flower beds. While mulch is a fine product to use in such areas, the use of landscape gravel is also highly recommended. Unlike mulch, gravel is much more durable and can withstand the elements of the outdoors for much longer. Mulch needs to be replaced fairly frequently, but gravel is essentially a permanent solution to your gardening and landscaping problems. Also, gravel is much lighter in color than mulch is and it can add the illusion of space to your garden and yard, making them appear bigger and more spacious. With gravel, you can transform your garden into a luxurious outdoor haven.

2) Flagstone Pathway

Adding a walkway can also warrant the use of gravel in your yard. Framing your flagstone or paver pathway with gravel is just the right way to finish off the refined look of a brand new path. For stepping stone pathways, use gravel to surround the stones, framing them in a classy and gorgeous way that will bring elegance to your yard. If a large area of your yard is covered in a travertine product, bordering this with gravel can give it a polished look that is both beautiful and luxurious. Stone paver pathways are even better, and just like flagstone and travertine pathways, they come in a variety of styles, colors, and shapes so as to give you the best look for your yard. Finishing off the look with gravel is the perfect way to tie in all the elements of your yard. If a stone pathway isn’t right for your yard, you can simply have and all gravel pathway that treks through the wilderness and brings a certain amount of quaint energy to your yard. The limits are endless with a nice application of gravel.

3) Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass To Go With Your Stone PathwayFinally, artificial grass is an excellent border for the gravel in your yard. Tying everything together from grass, to stone pathways can be a difficult endeavor. Dirt is unsightly and won’t make your yard look that great after all of that hard work you put into trying to update and manage how it looks. With artificial grass, making sure everything is brought together is extremely easy. This decorative, and highly lucrative method is great for transforming your yard into a masterpiece.

Whatever you decide to do, Centurion Stone of Arizona is here to help you with your most basic landscaping needs. We have an expansive library of gravel choices to make sure that you have the best look to your gravel and that it all ties together with the rest of your yard. As Arizona’s premiere stone supplier, we can help you update both the look of your yard, and your home as a whole. Get expert help on stone pathways, gravel patios, artificial grass and much more with our friendly professionals, and we can help you choose the right kind of gravel for your home.

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