Defining Your Outdoor Space with the Right Landscape Gravel

Xeriscaping is a popular choice in Arizona. Instead of filling your lawn with grass that will keep dying, you can create a stylish design with landscape gravel that will never change color and won’t disappear each season. You also won’t have to water and maintain the gravel so diligently.

Even if you don’t want to blanket your whole landscape with gravel, you can still get a wonderful look by using it to accent walkways, garden borders, and more. You have a wide variety of options for using gravel, and you have even more options for creating the aesthetic you want with the type of gravel you choose. Here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when determining how to define your outdoor space with landscape gravel:

Defining Your Outdoor Space with the Right Landscape Gravel


You may think of Arizona landscape gravel as just grey or shades of grey. However, gravel actually comes in a wide variety of colors. Of course, Earthen shades are common, such as brown, rust, grey, gold and all the shades thereof. But you can also get gravel in shades of red, pink, and purple.

Think about how the different color options will look in the place that you want to put the gravel. You might choose a bolder color around an area that you really want to make pop, or you might choose a color that complements plants or other elements that you have in the space. You can really make a big difference with the color you choose, so get color cards and samples to really visualize the new space when you are putting together your design.


Some gravel comes in big chunks – you could only fit four or five pieces in your hand. Other gravel comes in small pieces the size of peas or lentils. The size you choose determines the look, as well as the quantity of gravel you have to order. Most gravel is ordered by weight, but when you have smaller pieces, it takes more of them to fill in a space, so you will end up having more weight.

Smaller gravel creates a more consistent and refined look for a space, while larger gravel starts to look more rustic or natural. Again, think about where you want the gravel to be and what kind of look you want to create to choose your size. Some of the most interesting designs use a variety of sizes and colors of gravel.


Typically, gravel is formed by breaking down a rock into smaller pieces. The shape is uneven and unintentional. This gravel has a more natural look, and its inconsistent angles make for a more interesting design, in most cases.
If you want a more polished or luxurious look, you might want to consider gravel that is more consistently shaped. Some gravel is polished so that the stones are rounder and smoother. You won’t get as much jutting out, and the space will look more uniform.


Where you place your Mesa landscape gravel will have a big impact on the look you create for your space. For example, consider how your garden beds would look if you used gravel in them instead of mulch. Or maybe you want to use gravel around the border and mulch inside. You can create a dramatic look by installing lines of gravel contrasted by lines of grass.

Get creative when you think about your gravel placement! If you are stuck, talk to a landscape designer and let them guide you through some of the options.

Landscape gravel can make a big impact on your outdoor space. You need to explore the options so you can create a design that you’ll love and that will elevate the profile of your house. Talk to a landscape designer and a stone supplier serving Chandler about how the different combinations of color, shape, size, and placement can impact your outdoor space.

Centurion Stone of Arizona has a large selection of landscape gravel and other stone to help you get the look you want for your landscape and your home’s exterior. Our friendly specialists will help you explore the different options so you can get the stone that will create the look you want while still staying on budget. We also have stone pavers, flagstone, manufactured stone veneer, and other stone to meet the needs of all your home improvement projects. Visit us in Mesa to explore our selection.

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