Landscape Stone and the Impact It Can Have on Your Backyard

Landscape stones can be quite practical. You can use it to make a retaining wall to get the erosion in your yard under control, or you could use it to create a durable patio. But in addition to being practical, landscape stones can also create a beautiful look for your landscape, in both the front yard and the backyard. The design and the type of stone you choose will determine the impact you can make. 

Work with a landscape designer and a Chandler stone supply company to figure out the best use of stones in your yard to make the greatest impact. Here are a few of the benefits you will enjoy from using landscape stone in your backyard: 

Landscape Stone


Create a Unique Look

You have a wide variety of natural and even faux stones for your landscape that can create a unique look for your backyard. You can choose flagstones to create a natural walkway or patio. You can choose big boulder steps to create a natural staircase to cut through an eroding hillside. You can place gravel around garden beds, pathways, or patios for a unique accent.

You have an unlimited array of options for your designs. There are so many sizes, shapes, colors, and varieties of stone, and you have endless configurations for using them. You can transform your plain yard into a gorgeous oasis with the right stone and design choices. 

Use a Sustainable Material

You need to be conscious of how your choices for your home affect the environment. Everything you do, from installing bamboo floors instead of hardwood to installing solar panels, can have a positive (or negative) impact on the environment. If you want to be a better local and global citizen, you will make better choices for the environment.

Natural stone is sustainable and eco-friendly. It is harvested from natural sources and cut to shape and size. Even faux stone is sustainable since it is made from natural materials. You can feel good about your choice when you incorporate landscape stones into your backyard design. 

Realize Cost Savings

Landscaping stones are cost-effective. It is affordably priced, and you can bring down the cost even more when you comparison shop. The simpler and more natural the stone (requiring fewer cuts and shaping), the more cost-effective it will be. Sometimes, you can even save more than by shopping for manufactured stone veneer and other faux stone. 

When you are evaluating costs, you also need to consider how the stones will be benefiting your landscape. The stone may put an end to erosion, which can save you thousands in eventual repairs or maintenance. The stone is durable and low-maintenance, which makes it superior to other landscape products you might use, such as lumber. Think about what you will have to spend on repairs or maintenance for the stone (likely zero) and what benefits the stone will bring to save you money when you are adding up costs. You’ll see that the stone is your most cost-effective option. 

Adding stones to your landscape is a great way to add curb appeal to your home and to create a beautiful design for your backyard. Using those landscape stones can also help you save money on your landscape maintenance and future repair, and it can save you money over other landscaping options and materials. Talk to a landscape designer about how best to use the stones in your landscape, then go to a stone supplier to pick out the best stones that can make the biggest impact. 

Centurion Stone of Arizona is a Mesa stone supplier with a large selection of landscaping stones for any project you might have in mind. We sell popular natural stones like flagstone and landscaping stones, and we have a variety of manufactured stone veneer and faux stone. We sell stone for your home façade, as well as patio and driveway pavers. We have stone in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Visit our Mesa showroom to see and feel the stones for yourself, or view our online gallery. We’re happy to help you pick out the stone for your next project, and we even offer installation.

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