Faux Stone vs. Natural Stone Veneer: Does the Difference Matter?

Adding stone to your home can make it look amazing. You can add stone to your home façade, elevating your exterior, or you can use stone to create a new patio or walkway. There are many different ways you can use the stone, but all will result in a beautiful new design that you’ll love.

When you start looking at your stone options, you are likely to read about faux stone and stone veneer. You may be confused about what the difference is between the two and which is better. “Better” is a subjective term, and we can’t really answer that. But we can help you understand a bit more about the different between these two types of stone.

Faux Stone vs. Natural Stone Veneer: Does the Difference Matter?

How They’re Made

Natural stone forms over thousands or even millions of years through intense pressure. Bits of minerals and sand are pressed together to create the stone. It’s a long process that involves just the right combination of circumstances, so that’s why certain stones are more rare and more expensive.

Faux stone is created by mixing cement with aggregates to get the look of a certain type of stone. The mixture is put into a mold to get the desired shape. The result may not have been created by millions of years of pressure, but it looks a lot like real stone, and it even has many of the same elements.

Natural stone veneer is made by taking a cut off real stone. The veneer is the surface. So instead of having a huge block of stone making up the wall, you have a thin piece of veneer that is attached to the plywood or other surface material. Cutting the veneer is a lengthy process that happens in a quarry or stone yard.

Faux stone and natural stone veneer typically cost less than whole stone, and faux stone typically costs less than veneer. However, this isn’t always true. A high-quality faux stone can cost more than some types of veneer, depending on how it is made.

When you are evaluating costs, you need to also evaluate quality, size, and other factors that contribute to the final product. You don’t want to pay less only to get a lower quality product that won’t last as long or look as good.

How it Looks

With a reputable manufacturer, you shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between faux stone and natural stone veneer. Both will look the same. That means that you aren’t limited in your design choices when you are selecting your stone. You can create any look with faux stone, as you can with natural stone veneer. You’ll need to consider other qualities when making the selection for your project.

In some cases, you may be able to find faux stone in more colors, simply because the manufacturer has more flexibility in creating it. If you want something a little outside the norm, you might be better off looking at faux stone options.
Updating your home façade has never been so easy. You have numerous options for creating a gorgeous exterior, no matter your budget. Visit a stone supplier in Chandler to explore the many options. You can compare different types of stone or faux stone, check out color differences, evaluate quality, and more. You can also order samples so you can see what the stone product will look like once it’s on your property. Talk to a stone specialist serving Gilbert to learn more about your options and to get tailored recommendations for your property.

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