5 Ways to Choose a Gorgeous Stone Façade

Stone can instantly elevate the profile of your house. Stone is sophisticated and elegant, and you can use it for your exterior walls, steps, patio, walkways, columns, and more. There are so many combinations of where to use stone and the type of stone to use to create a unique look for your home.

Because you have so many options and you have such great potential to create a stunning look for your home, it’s important that you take yourself choosing your manufactured stone veneer. Here are five things you should do to choose the right stone for your home façade:

5 Ways to Choose a Gorgeous Stone Façade

Look for Ideas Online

Go online to start and get an idea for what your options are. Look on Pinterest, Houzz, and similar sites to see what other people have done with faux stone to transform their homes. Do a google search for manufactured stone veneer and see how people have used it. Then look for faux stone with particular areas of your home that you are considering updating, such as your entryway or porch.

Save all pictures with ideas that you like. You can collect the photos on a board like in Pinterest, or you can put them in a folder on your computer. You can use those photos to narrow down your selections later.

Ask for Recommendations

Not everyone can visualize the end result of a home renovation project. And not everyone has a built-in design sense. If you are struggling, you should ask others for recommendations. Ask your home contractor, the stone mason, your landscaper, or even your neighbor.

You don’t even need to feel stuck to ask for recommendations. You never know what ideas others will have that you hadn’t considered. Asking for recommendations is a good way to get a fresh perspective.

Go to Showrooms

Looking at pictures of stone is much different than looking at the stone itself. You should visit the showroom of a stone supply company in Chandler to see the stone in person. You can look at the many different samples, feel the textures, and even see some examples of the stone on sample projects.

While you are at the showroom, look at a wide range of stone projects. Compare items like manufactured stone veneer, stone pavers, flagstone, and more.

Order Samples

Once you identify some stone that you think you might like to include in your project, order some samples. Even if you saw the stone in person at the stone supply company serving Gilbert, you just don’t know how it will look on your house. You need the samples to help.

Hold up the samples to the area where you think you want to put them, or tape them in place temporarily. You want to get an idea of what the finished project will look like without having to do through the effort and the expense of doing the work and finding out you don’t like it.

Cast a Wide Net

Remember: You are limited to the stone supplier that is close to your house. The internet has made it easy for you to preview stone and to have it shipped to your home. Even if you want to see the stone in person first, you can either have a sample shipped to your home or you can make a trip to visit the showroom. Don’t limit yourself. Cast a wide net to find the right stone.

Adding stone to your home façade can make your home look amazing. You can increase your home’s value and elevate its profile in the neighborhood. Make sure you get the choice right. Work with a reputable Mesa stone supplier and follow these tips to choose the right stone for your project.

Centurion Stone of Arizona offers over 200 styles of stone in dozens of colors at our Mesa stone supply yard. We have a showroom of our stone pavers, manufactured stone veneer, landscaping stones, flagstone, and more. You can browse our stone in person or check out our virtual gallery online. We can sell you the stone, or we can perform stone paver installation. We’ll help you pick out the perfect stone for our home improvement project, whether you are looking to update your home façade, put in a walkway, or some other project. Call or visit us in Mesa today.

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