Popular Design Trends for Natural Stone Veneers

Natural stone veneer can be used in a variety of designs for your landscaping, such as for patios, retaining walls, accent walls, columns, and even your home façade. You can use manufactured stone veneer for the same projects, and you can achieve a similar look – sometimes for less cost.

You should search online for project that include natural stone veneer to see what’s possible, or you can look in our gallery to get some ideas. You can also get inspired by some of the latest popular design trends. Here are a few of them:

Popular Design Trends for Natural Stone Veneers

Matching Interior and Exterior

Your home has a unique style. When guests enter, they can immediately get a sense of your style by the design elements you have chosen for your home, from the colors on the wall to the type of flooring you choose to the style of the light fixtures. Guests might find a totally different style when they enter your home than what they encounter on the outside of your home.

But why not have the interior and exterior of your home match in style? That idea is catching on, and it has become a popular trend in home design. You can expect to see an exterior and landscape design that matches the interior of the home. That means a homeowner might use stone veneer on the façade that’s the same as elements inside, such as the fireplace, or that complements the materials and colors used inside.

Clean and Angular Lines

Whether you’re installing patio pavers or putting veneer on your home façade, a popular trend now is to use clean and angular lines in the design. That may mean a grid-like pattern for a patio, or may mean using stacks of thin veneer to create rows along your exterior.

The goal here is not to create geometric precision. The goal is to get a clean and modern look, and that means eliminating a lot of the visual clutter of interlocking stones or irregularly shaped stones.

Natural Thinstone Veneer

Manufactured stone veneer was once very popular, but there has been a shift away from it. People are favoring more natural stone for its nuanced beauty and its durability. But not all stone is easy to install or to use for design purposes. That’s why natural thinstone veneer has become more popular.

Natural thinstone veneer looks beautiful and is easy to install. It can be cut easily, and it is lightweight and easy to install in a variety of places.

Outdoor Kitchens and Ovens

Many people love to entertain guests outdoors, especially in the summer months. More and more people are building features in their outdoor entertaining spaces to make that easier, including outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens, and fire pits. Natural stone veneer is used to give these a gorgeous look that complements the landscape and the home design.

You can do a lot of amazing things with natural stone and natural stone veneer. You can take inspiration from some of these popular trends, or you can work with a landscape designer and a Gilbert stone supplier to create a unique design for your property to match your vision. You have countless options for your design with the wide variety of stone available and the combinations in which you can use it. Let your creativity flow, and see what amazing new deign you can come up with for your home! You’ll add value and curb appeal, and you’ll create a space that you love.

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