The Benefits of Using Travertine Pavers for Your Pool Decking

You have a lot of options for the decking around your pool. An economical option is just to pour a concrete slab, though that’s not very inspired. You can choose from a variety of natural stones, but some of those can get expensive, and they aren’t all easy to install. You can also deck the area with wood, but that also gets pricey, and it has to be replaced often.

Travertine is a wonderful natural stone that is ideal for pool decking. Here are just a few of the benefits of using travertine pavers for your pool decking:

The Benefits of Using Travertine Pavers for Your Pool Decking

It Maintains a Comfortable Temperature

Your pool is sitting in a nice, sunny spot – the perfect place to enjoy days in the water. The area around your pool is also right in the sun. During the Phoenix summer, that means that triple-digit temperatures are baking the deck around your pool. You could step on the concrete and feel like you just put your foot in a pizza oven.

Travertine is a natural insulator, and it absorbs the heat from the sun as well the cool temperatures from the ground that it is blocking from the sun. The stone itself remains a moderate temperature that is comfortable even for bare feet. You won’t have to worry about getting injured, and you can truly relax by your poolside. With travertine, you can also feel better about having children playing near the pool, even on the hottest days.

It is Slip-Proof

The area around your pool is going to get very wet – surprise! The material that you use around your pool needs to be able to withstand damage from all that water. For example, you can’t use untreated wood or it will rot right out. But the material you use around the pool also needs to be safe even when it is soaked. You can’t have a surface that’s going to turn into a slip-n-slide when it gets wet.

Travertine is an excellent option. It is naturally slip-resistant. Even when it is wet, it still provides some traction so that you can walk safely. This is especially important if you have kids since they aren’t going to be mindful of the risks around the pool, and they are more likely to be careless even on wet surfaces. The travertine will help them keep even footing so they stay safe.

It Looks Beautiful

There’s no denying the natural beauty of travertine. This natural stone comes in a variety of colors, ranging from light, sandy tones to rich, earthen shades. Travertine blends in perfectly with the natural desert landscape, and it creates an elegant and sophisticated look. You can even use a blend of shades to create a more interesting look.

Work with your pool designer to figure out the best shades and cuts to get the most beautiful look. You should plan your pool decking with other pool upgrades, such as resurfacing or re-tiling. Then you can choose a combination of in-pool and decking features that will create the most beautiful look.

Travertine is a beautiful and versatile stone, and it has properties that make it ideally suited to pool decking. Not only does it maintain a comfortable temperature that is gentle on bare feet, but it also has a naturally non-slip surface that will create a safer area around your pool. Check out a Gilbert stone supplier to get the look and feel of travertine in person, and talk to your pool builder about using travertine in your pool’s re-design. You can create a beautiful new look for your pool, while also making it a safer and more comfortable space.

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