5 Commons Blunders Easily Made with Artificial Grass

Artificial grass can give you the lush, green lawn you’ve always wanted without you having to go through the considerable time and effort of killing out all the weeds and getting strong, healthy grass to grow. You can have the look without the maintenance required – no more mowing the grass, edging the yard, watering it, or killing weeds. You can enjoy the look without the labor.

Though you can easily buy the artificial grass and install it yourself, you can also easily make mistakes if you don’t do your research and you aren’t careful in the installation. Here are five common blunders you should try to avoid that people make when installing artificial grass themselves:

5 Commons Blunders Easily Made with Artificial Grass

Choosing the Wrong Type

Not all artificial turf is created the same. It varies in look, cost, and even performance. Some grass is designed to withstand more foot traffic, such as if you have pets or kids. Some grass is more fragile, but it offers a different look that you may prefer. You can even find recycled turf that is more eco-friendly.

It is important that you research the different types of artificial grass available so that you get one that works for your needs and your budget. Visit a artificial grass supplier in Mesa so that you can get a look at the different types of grass in person and even feel them.

Not Buying the Grass All at Once

Some people may buy artificial grass in Arizona in increments as they have the budget available. They may install the grass by sections on their property, or they may store the grass until they have enough to finish the complete project.

This may seem like a sensible strategy, but it opens you up to problems. What happens if you try to buy more grass but find that the particular style is no longer available? Now you run the risk of having a patchwork lawn of different grass types. If you don’t store your turf correctly, you also run the risk of having it damaged or infested by pests. It’s better to save the money until you have enough to buy the grass all at once, or to find a supplier who offers financing.

Not Getting the Right Drainage

Proper drainage is especially important for artificial turf. There is no real grass to soak up the water. There is only plastic, and the water will run right off it. Without proper drainage, the water will also pool in the yard, which could contribute to mold and a variety of other problems.

You may need to work with a Mesa landscape architect to ensure the right grading of the landscape, or you may need to put drains in under the turf. Consult with a professional if you aren’t sure you can get it right.

Showing the Seams

Artificial turf goes down a bit like carpet. It comes in wide strips that you roll out onto the ground. The roll is not going to be wide enough to cover your whole yard, so you are going to have to join multiple strips together. If you aren’t careful, the place where those two strips meet will be very obvious, making it look like you have rolls of grass in your yard, rather than actual grass.

You have to fit the seams together just right to get a good look. You can read about different tips and tricks to do this, but really, the best way to get the right look is to hire a professional to do it.

Failing to Secure It Firmly

Even though it comes in heavy rolls, artificial grass is lightweight, and it can shift easily. You can’t just lay it down and expect it to stay put. Foot traffic and drainage can cause it to shift. Therefore, you need to pin it down securely to make sure it stays where you want it.

You will need to not only pin the edges of the turf, but also multiple points on the interior. Securing it properly will not only maintain the look you want but will extend the life of the turf.

You can transform your landscape with the right artificial grass and the right installation. If you plan to do the job yourself, make sure you do enough research to get it right. Otherwise, shop for the artificial grass you like and hire a professional artificial grass installer in Mesa to do the installation for you.

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