The Dos and Don’ts of Maintaining Your Travertine Pavers

Travertine is a gorgeous stone that is ideal for Arizona homes and businesses. It looks just as good inside as it does outside, and its natural colors perfectly complement the desert landscape. Installing travertine pavers can improve your home’s curb appeal and increase its value.

Travertine is a low-maintenance and durable stone, but you do need to know how to care for it so you don’t inadvertently damage it. Here are the tops dos and dont’s for this beautiful stone:

Travertine Pavers

Do: Seal the Stone

No stone is invincible, no matter how durable it is or how resistant to damage. As soon as you have your travertine pavers installed, you should have them sealed. If grout is used, such as on an indoor application, make sure that the grout is sealed, as well.

Sealant will block the natural nooks and crannies in the stone and will keep out water that can mold and mildew to settle in. The sealant will also keep out dust and dirt that can discolor the stone over time.

Don’t: Compromise on Quality

You can’t just slap any sealant on your stone and expect it to do the same job. The better the sealant, the better the protection it will offer. When you are spending as much as you are on new travertine, you should get the best quality sealant you can to protect it.

Using a lower-quality sealant can jeopardize your stone. It can wear down quickly and leave your stone vulnerable to water damage and staining. You’ll quickly have discolored or damaged stone if you don’t use the best quality sealant you can.

Do: Mop Regularly

You don’t have to scrub away at travertine pavers – in fact, you shouldn’t – but you do need to mop them regularly to keep them free of accumulating dirt and dust. Sweep and mop the stones about once a week – more if you have a lot of foot traffic or other debris.

You don’t need anything special to mop the pavers. Just use a soft mop and a basic cleanser with warm water.

Don’t: Use Harsh Cleansers

If you start to notice discoloration on your travertine or in the grout, you may be tempted to reach for bleach or other harsh cleaners that you think will get out the marks. But harsh and acidic cleaners like bleach, vinegar, and anything containing citrus can actually damage your stone. These cleaners can discolor your stone or wear it down.

Stick to water and some mild soap if you need it when cleaning your travertine. If you need more than that, you need to call in the professionals.

Do: Clean Up Spills

Even plain water can eventually get far down into your travertine, taking dirt with it and trapping it within the stone. Imagine what would happen if you spilled red wine or another colored liquid on the stone!

The best way to handle any kind of spill is to clean it up immediately. Wipe it all up, and turn on a fan or an exhaust vent if available.

Don’t: Ignore the Grout Lines

Grout protects your stone and enhances its beauty. If you have dirty grout, it’s going to make the entire area look dirty. If the grout is dirty, there’s a good chance that the sealant has worn down and other things are getting into the grout also, which can be causing the grout to slowly break down. Water and other debris can be filtering under the stone and eroding it.

Make sure you are regularly cleaning the grout, as well as sealing it. You’ll protect the stone, and you’ll keep it looking great.

If your floors become discolored or stained, you should call on a professional stone cleaning service to clean and restore the stone. If your travertine becomes cracked or broken, check out a local stone supply company to get the best deals on replacement stone.

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