Top Ways Centurion Stone is Reshaping Outdoor Fireplaces in Arizona

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Top ways Centurion Stone is reshaping outdoor fireplaces in Arizona

With the summer in full swing, many of our customers are looking at renovating their outdoor spaces, including the area around their pools, their patios, and their outdoor kitchens. The outdoor fireplace is in the spotlight right now, and our centurion stone is perfect for renovating them. Here are a few ways that centurion stone is being used to reshape outdoor fireplaces in Arizona:

Making Remodeling More Affordable

Remodeling your fire place is now affordable

Building a fireplace or brick oven out of stone can be quite expensive. But stone veneers can achieve the same look and cost much less. With stone veneers, you can suddenly afford that remodel you’ve been dreaming of for so long.

Centurion stone comes in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and textures, which gives you many choices for remodeling your outdoor fireplace. You can completely change the look of your fireplace, or you can simply update it, keeping a similar style but freshening up the look. You aren’t as limited when you buy centurion stone because you get the same look as natural stone without the same price tag.

Changing Style Eras

With our stone company you can change the look of your fire place

You may have a fireplace designed in the mid-century style, but you may have your heart set on something more modern. Or perhaps the last owners of your home create an industrial look for the fireplace, but you want something more festive. With the right outdoor fireplace stones, you can completely change the look of the fireplace so that it completely changes eras.

For example, if your outdoor fireplace has traditional red brick, you can replace that with something like the Ledge or Ohio Limstone veneers to create something more modern and sophisticated. It is important that you work with a designer to understand how the stone choices will impact the look.

Creating Beautiful Framing

Inside, your fireplace is often the centerpiece for your entertaining area. It’s where you mount the television, hang family photos, or place centerpiece décor like an expensive statue or an original painting. Outside, your fireplace may not have the same shape, so it may not have as many options for décor, but it you should still consider it a centerpiece for your outdoor entertaining.

Your remodeling project can create more opportunities for framing décor on your outdoor fireplace. You can extend the area over the fireplace or build an alcove above or beside the fireplace for showing off a piece of beautiful art. The stone you choose should complement the art well, and you can choose accent stones for the border around the framing.

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Accenting through Outdoor Features

Centurion Stone can provide you with outdoor features

Your fireplace doesn’t stand alone in your backyard. It is surrounded by many other decorative elements, including perhaps a pool, a patio, a hot tub, and even your home. All these elements should work together to make the most impact. With centurion stone, you can remodel some of these other outdoor features so that they complement the beauty of the fireplace and vice versa.

You can use the same outdoor fireplace stones to revamp your patio or outdoor walls or to make a surround for your hot tub, grill, or planters. By creating a cohesive look, you can make your fireplace and your entire backyard entertaining area look more sophisticated.

Centurion stone is a wonderful choice for remodeling your outdoor space and your outdoor fireplace. It offers a variety of styling choices, is easy to install, and is affordable for most budgets.

Visit the gallery page at Centurion Stone of Arizona to learn more about the products we offer and to see how they are used in real-world designs. Our beautiful stones can be used inside and outside your home, including for walls, floors, and accents. Call us today to work with a designer who can help you choose the perfect stone for your project and find out why we are the go-to stone supply company in Mesa, Arizona. We’re ready to help you transform your space!

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