The Visual Impact Your Stone Façade Can Have on Your Street

The outside of your house has a major impact on what potential buyers think of its value. If you have a shoddy exterior with peeling paint, warping siding, or rotting clapboard, buyers are going to turn away, even if the inside has been immaculately redesigned. Likewise, if your house looks worn down or old, but the other houses on the street are well-designed and maintained, your house could bring down the value of the neighboring houses. Your house will even look worse by comparison.

Redesigning your home’s exterior with stone can help to elevate its value and collaboratively bring up the value of other homes on the street. Here are a few things to consider:

The Visual Impact Your Stone Façade Can Have on Your Street

Stone Exterior

The first place you can start is your home’s actual exterior – the outside walls, awnings, archways, and other elements that are actually attached to the house. You might consider tearing off that old vinyl siding and replacing it with a classic brick veneer or something more sophisticated like a slate or flagstone. Or you might just want to use the manufactured stone veneer on certain parts of the exterior, such as a lower band or just a portion of the front.

You have many options for faux stone, so you should talk to a stone supplier about the different options and how they could change the look of your home. You might create a rustic or traditional look with brick, or you might try something modern with travertine, for example. You have many, many options for color and style to create the impression you want.

Patios and Walkways

Stone pavers can also elevate your exterior, and they can create lovely walkways, patios, and entertaining spaces. Instead of a concrete sidewalk leading up to your door, consider a beautiful flagstone walkway instead. Or tear out that concrete slab and put in a beautiful stone paver patio. You’ll create a more sophisticated look that is also more welcoming to guests.

Depending on your budget and your design vision, you could even consider tearing out your gravel, asphalt, or concrete driveway and replacing it with stone pavers. You’ll create a look that is the height of luxury for your home and the envy of all your neighbors.

Landscape Elements

Finally, look to your landscape to see where you can improve it with stone or stone veneer. You might want to put in a garden wall or retaining wall to break up the sea of green in your yard and create areas of interest, while also better managing runoff and the quality of the soil. Or you might consider building a private wall to create an area for relaxing or entertaining. Using the stone veneer can lower the cost when compared to using the whole stone for the bulk of the wall. In some cases, using veneer can also make installation easier.

There are so many ways you can use stone and stone veneer on the exterior of your house and throughout your landscape. With the right choices, you can really raise your home’s profile, making it look more luxurious and raising its value and the value of homes around it by proxy. Work with a stone supplier or a landscape designer to determine what might be possible for your property. You can look at samples of the stone and possibly even look at design changes with a 3D software. You can also discuss different options to get the look you want while still staying in budget.

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