5 Amazing Advantages Of Implementing Landscape Gravel Into Your Backyard Design


Using Decorative Gravel To Enhance Your Patio Design

When you think of landscaping your yard, you likely think of all the bushes and flowers you can plant. But you may become overwhelmed at all the work that such landscaping requires, not only to put it into place but also to keep it looking great. A great alternative to traditional landscaping options is landscape gravel. You can use the gravel to complement other aspects of your landscape design, or you can use it for landscape decor on its own. 

If you are thinking of making over your backyard, talk to a stone supplier about the options for landscape gravel. Here are five amazing advantages you will enjoy if you implement landscape gravel into your backyard design:

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Gravel Is Easy & Affordable To Install

Unlike some other types of landscaping stones, gravel is quite easy to install. You just need to clear the area where you want the gravel, pour the stones, and spread them evenly. If the area is already cleared, it’s a job you can get done in under an hour (assuming it’s a reasonably sized area).

The difficulty of clearing space will depend on what’s already there. You can use a tiller to easily clear grass and other low-lying plants. You’ll need to put in more muscle or use more specialized machinery to clear things like stumps or heavily rooted plants, like shrubs or small trees.

Since installation is quite easy for landscaping gravel, that also means that it will be less expensive than some other decorative landscaping options. You can save quite a lot of money by opting for gravel.

One Of The Most Notorious Benefits Of Gravel: Create a Beautiful Backyard With Low Maintenance

Gravel is so much easier to maintain than other landscaping. You don’t have to do anything to gravel to keep it looking great. You don’t have to seal it or stain it. You don’t have to trim it, prune it, or fertilize it. You just need to keep the weeds out of it, and you can do that by putting down a weed barrier before spreading the gravel and then spraying a weed killer on anything that does pop up.

You won’t have to spend hours in your yard to keep a gravel landscape looking great. It will look the same through every season, with almost no effort from you.

Adding Gravel To Your Landscape Can Improve Drainage

Other types of landscaping stones can also create a beautiful and low-maintenance look for your backyard, including stone pavers or natural stones like flagstone. But one of the major benefits of gravel is that it easily allows for water to pass through it and into the soil, providing for better drainage than impervious stone.

You can even use gravel around stone pavers to provide for better drainage of hardscaped surfaces. Work closely with a hardscaping professional to create the right design based on the needs of your soil and your landscape topography.

Wide Variety Of Gravel Types For Your Backyard Design 

When you think of gravel, you may only be thinking of the type that is used on driveways. But there are a lot more types of gravel than that. You can get gravel in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. By combining different types of gravel, you can create different looks for your landscaping. You can also mix and match different gravel types with other landscaping stones, creating a unique look for your space.

Create a One-Of-A-Kind Outdoor Entertainment Area With Landscape Gravel 

With the right gravel and the right design, you can create a beautiful setting for your backyard. You’ll be able to delight your guests when you are entertaining. Again, choose your gravel in conjunction with other design elements, such as other landscaping stones, features like seating and retaining walls, and accents like lighting or water. You can create a truly unique and beautiful backyard space.

There are so many benefits to switching to xeriscaping and choosing landscape gravel for your Arizona home. You can stop pouring hours and resources into trying to grow grass and other plants in the harsh climate, and you can lower your overall maintenance and costs. At the same time, you can enjoy a gorgeous design for your space.

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