Landscape Design: The Impact of Natural Stone Features in Your Yard

Adding stone features to your yard can elevate your landscape design and improve the curb appeal of your home. You can opt for polished stone, veneer, and even brick, and those can create a nice design. However, natural stone is rising in popularity, and it gives you a lot more options to create different designs.

You can make a big impact with natural stone, depending on the landscaping stones you choose and how you use them, such as in walkways, retaining walls, and as accents. Here are a few ways that choosing natural stone for your yard can make a big impact:


Unique Designs

Cut and polished stone can create a manufactured look that is ideal for a sophisticated and luxurious design. But not everyone wants that look. And if you live in a neighborhood where that look is popular, you will just blend in with the rest if you choose the same thing. Choosing natural landscaping stones allows you to create a unique look for your home that will attract much more attention. You can still create a luxury landscape design with natural stone. Yet you can also create a rustic design or create a number of other looks. Work with a landscaping designer and a stone supply company to see what’s possible for your property. You may be amazed at the possibilities.

Sustainable Materials

Some manufactured stone and veneer requires the use of additives, sealers, and more that are not good for the environment. Some stone is also rare, and it cannot be easily sourced when supplies are low. One of the great things about natural stone is that it is an eco-friendly product. It is not a scarce resource, and it is all natural.

Most natural stone is not even coated or colored. It may be cut or broken down into smaller pieces, but it doesn’t usually involve any preservatives or additional materials that include toxic ingredients.

Cost Savings

You’ll see a huge impact on your wallet when you choose natural landscaping stones. They are far more affordable than many types of faux stone or stone pavers. Of course, the cost difference will depend entirely on what type of stones you are considering. For example, natural stone like flagstone can still be costly, and even different varieties of flagstone can cost more than the others.

Talk to a local stone supply company in Mesa to explore the different options and to find a stone that will not only complement the look you want for your home façade but will also fit within your budget. Similar stones can be used to get the same kind of design, but they can vary significantly in cost. You can also consider how things like installation will influence the cost. There are many ways you can save.

The way your landscape looks is just as important as the exterior and overall design of your home. They all contribute to your home façade and your curb appeal. Improve your landscape design and improve the value of your home. Using natural stone in your landscape design can have a big impact, both in terms of the look you create and in how much you spend.
Choosing natural landscaping stones can also reduce your impact on the environment, which can help you to be a better environmental citizen. Work with a landscape designer or stone supply company to determine what kind of stones would look best in your yard to highlight the property’s best features.

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