10 Ways to Incorporate Stone Veneers into Your Kitchen Design

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for natural stone in your home. You can get the same look with stone veneers, replicating brick, flagstone, slate, travertine, and more. No one will ever know the difference, and you’ll increase the value of your home.

10 ways to incorporate stone veneers into your kitchen design

Stone veneers can make a big impact in your kitchen, instantly elevating its design and making it look more sophisticated and luxurious. You can buy stone veneers from a local Gilbert stone supply company and do the work yourself, saving even more money, or you can hire a contractor to do the work for you if you are unsure about your skill.

Here are 10 ideas for how you can incorporate stone veneers into your kitchen design:

Interior Brick Wall

Interior brick wall stone veneers

Exposed brick gives a room style and character. An interior brick wall is ideal for a kitchen, giving it a more homey feel while also providing a durable and low-maintenance surface for a space that gets a lot of water, grease, food, and other debris.

Pair the brick wall with industrial and modern elements like stainless steel countertops and hanging Edison lights for maximum impact.

Stone Floor

Stone floor is great for any kitchen

Tile is a nice choice for kitchen flooring, but the options can be a bit limited. Get a truly stunning floor with the look of natural stone. Create the look of a flagstone, slate, or cobblestone floor without having to pay for the expense of these items. You’ll create a unique look for your kitchen, and it will seem like you spent far more than you did.

Island Surround

Islands provide more prep and storage space in your kitchen, and they make for a nice focal point for entertaining. You can surround your island with natural stone veneers to truly wow your guests. Pair the stone with a stunning countertop, such as granite or poured concrete, to really pack a punch.


Contact a stone supply company to get a stone fireplace

A fireplace can be a breathtaking addition to a kitchen. It can sit just behind the island, creating a backdrop for when you are entertaining. You can even mount a TV over the fireplace so you can follow along to cooking shows while you make meals.
Of course, stone is a natural complement to a fireplace. You have dozens of options with stone veneers, allowing you to create a traditional look or something more modern and unique.

Brick Oven

You can also cook in your own brick oven inside your home. You can make wonderful pizzas, breads, and other items in a brick oven. Plus, you’ll make your kitchen look like something out of an Italian village in the process.
Build your brick oven for less money by buying stone veneers. You can use real brick on the interior lining, but the outside is all for show. Get as fancy as you want with stone veneers.

Oven Decoration

Maybe you don’t need a brick oven, but you still like the look that brick gives your cooking space. You can create a nice look for even a stainless steel oven by putting brick or other stone around it. Create an arch over the stove to give it the same look, and put tile or other stone veneer in the backdrop. You can combine colors, textures, and materials to get a unique look.

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Built-In Appliances

Who says your appliances have to be steel and metal? You can create a casing of stone around them to get a more natural look. Of course, you can’t put veneer on your refrigerator door, but you can build a shell around the other three sides of it, just like what you would do with a grill in your outdoor kitchen. Choose colors and textures that match your appliances and other décor elements well.


Granite isn’t the only game in town when it comes to luxury countertops. We’re seeing everything from poured concrete to slate tile for countertops now. You can create a unique look with stone veneers. You’ll get the same low maintenance and durability of something like tile or concrete, but you will have a look that none of your neighbors will have.

Decorative Borders

Decorative borders will make your kitchen look amazing

Forget about crown molding! Try a natural stone border for your kitchen. You can put the border along the ceiling like crown molding, or you can put it other places it makes sense, like just under the cabinets, at the base of the cabinets where a shoe molding would be, or around doorways or windows.


If you don’t want an entire stone wall, you can get the same benefits by using veneers for a backsplash. You can install the backsplash just above your stove and counters, going only to the underside of the cabinets. That lets you blend the look of stone with other painted areas, giving you more flexibility in your design.

There are so many ways that you can use stone veneers in your kitchen – you just have to be creative or work with a great designer. Find a local stone supply company to get the best deals on kitchen stone veneers.

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