5 Most Popular Uses of Stone Veneers in Arizona

Veneers are thin layers made out of wood, stone, and masonry work like bricks that are used as an extra layer on your walls. Nowadays, the most popular choice of veneers are the ones made with stone because there is a good variety of them that comes in various colors, shapes, and textures. Centurion Stone of Arizona is the best company in Arizona specialized in selling high quality, manufactured stone pavers, natural stone veneers, and flagstones.

5 Most Popular Uses of Stone Veneers in Arizona

Types of Stone Veneers

There are two types of stone veneers, the manufactured ones, and the natural ones. Centurion Stone of Arizona has both kinds to fill the need of every customer that comes to check out our stone showcase.

  • brickwall iconManufactured Stones:This decorative stone for veneers are made by uniting a concrete mix with varied rubber forms of several styles. Then, a coloring process is added to replicate the natural look of natural stone veneers.
  • brickwall 2 iconNatural Stones: As the name indicates, there is nothing artificial in the process for natural stone veneers. The process of making a natural stone veneer consists of grabbing a thick piece of the natural stone and carefully cutting a piece thin enough to be used against a wall surface. These stone veneers were first called Flexible Stone veneersand created by a designer named Gernot Ehrlich.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Splitface Bucks County Stone Veneer From Centurion Stone Of ArizonaManufacturer stones are cheaper than natural stones, making them a more affordable option compared to natural stones. The light weight makes them easier to apply them and use them as another layer on a wall. Also, since they are artificially created, there are more customizable colors available to choose from. The bad thing is, manufacturer stones are not as strong as natural stone, meaning that if it breaks, you have to replace all the stone instead of reusing it and replace the broken part with another piece. Manufacturer stones are not as reusable as natural stones. Since manufacturer stone tend to be porous, it can transfer humidity from any water it absorbs to the wall, which can bring some damage to it after some years.

The benefits of natural stone make them a better choice as a long-term investment. First, it is stronger than manufactured stone, and have a lifespan that lasts for years, even centuries. The natural stone weighs more, not requiring a footing or any object to make it support the wall. Lastly, they cost more than manufacturer stone, but since it can last outlast a manufacturer stone and have more durability against every day-to-day use, it pays itself in the long run.


  • Backsplash

Bark Natural Stone Veneer From Centurion Stone Of ArizonaThe backsplash is the wall that is attached to the back of a stove or the one behind kitchen countertops. Using stone veneers instead of other materials will bring a rustic look to your backsplash, and overall, to your kitchen. It is recommended to use natural stone instead of the manufacturer one because, in a kitchen, there are a lot of liquids used in both cleaning and cooking that can be absorbed by the porous texture of the manufacturer stone.

  • Fireplaces

Full fireplace remodel multiblend suede color centurion veneers in ArizonaFireplaces can be built with both manufactured stone and natural stone. If you have the budget, you can go with a natural stone that tends to look better as each stone brings a unique look, showing a gorgeous finish to your fireplace. Manufacturer stone is cheaper and lighter, which makes it easier to install and also lets you save money for other decorations.

  • Exterior Home Facades

New home facade remodel Georgetown Centurion Veneers in Arizona PhoenixStone veneer is replacing bricks and wood in exterior home facades every single day for its long durability. It is also becoming popular for the rustic look it brings and the possibilities to make it complement a house’s environment with the variety of colors available that you can see in our natural stone gallery.

  • Outdoor Kitchens

natural stone outdoor kitchenYes, stone veneers are also becoming a popular choice for outdoor kitchens. If you have a stone paver fire pit, a stone veneer outdoor kitchen will go great with it since it brings you the utility needed to prepare any food you want to cook in your fire pit. You can find some ideas in our outdoor stone kitchen gallery.

  • Commercial Buildings

More and more commercial buildings are using stone veneers for their design as it brings more versatility thanks to the variety available on their color and shapes. It can be utilized for both the exterior and interior of the building. Typically, large commercial buildings use marble and limestone for their vivid colors.

Bark Natural Stone Veneer From Centurion Stone Of Arizona

Centurion Stone of Arizona is a company that understands how important is to have an affordable, high-quality stones for your house projects. Our company owner and President Bruce Ross is committed to offering homeowners and contractors the affordable and flexible solutions they deserve to enhance any indoor and outdoor space they want. Call us to learn more.

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