Choosing the Right Natural Stone Veneer for Your Custom Home


Centurion Stone Of Arizona’s Guide On Selecting The Best Stone Veneer Siding, & Stone Veneer Panels

Natural stone can create a stunning and sophisticated look for your home, and you can use it anywhere. You can use natural stone veneer on the interior of your home, such as around your fireplace, on an accent wall, or even around a kitchen island. You can also use it on your home’s exterior, either whole or in part for accents. 

Veneer comes in all the colors and styles of the natural stone. The manufactured stone veneer looks just like the real thing, but it can cost less and it is easier to install. You also have more flexibility in where you can install the veneer. 

Here are a few tips for how you can choose the right natural stone veneer for your custom home: 

Beautiful Stone Veneer Walling In Arizona

Choosing The Colors For Your Faux Stone Veneers

One of the first things you’re going to want to consider for any remodeling project is the look you want it to have, and color is going to play a big role in the final look. Fortunately, manufactured stone veneer is not limited in color. You can choose from typical earthen tones, as well as stark black and white. You can also experiment with color, choosing from options like bright reds and greens. 

You can get creative with your natural stone veneer project. You can try new combinations of colors, or choose one unexpected color in a space. You could also choose a more classic look. Experiment with the different options by using the samples at the stone supply company, or working with a designer through 3D modeling software.

Finding The Finish For Your Stone Veneer

When you think of stone, you may think of the rugged natural surface it has; but you are not limited to that finish when you choose manufactured stone veneer. You can choose from a wide variety of finishes that will affect the overall look of the new space, as well as its maintenance. 

Some popular finishes for natural stone include polished, brushed, honed, antiqued, and leathered. Again, these are options you’ll want to look at in person to get a feel for the effect they create. 

Where To Apply Your New Stone Veneer And Stone Siding

Most stone is pretty low-maintenance. But some stones stand up to wear and tear a little better than others. You’ll need to consider where you are going to put the stone and what kind of conditions it will endure to decide on the right stone.

For example, granite is a hard stone that is going to resist stains and etching, so it would be a good choice for a kitchen. On the other hand, sandstone is a softer stone that can scratch more easily and may need more attention. Talk to your stone supplier to understand the properties of the stones you are considering so you can make an informed choice. 

Types of Stone Veneer To Choose From

Some natural stone veneer is a slice of the real stone, and some is manufactured to simply look like the stone. If you choose natural stone, you have several options, including: 


  • Marble, a luxury stone that also offers easy maintenance
  • Granite, a stone known for its strength and durability
  • Travertine, a type of limestone that can be used inside and out
  • Limestone, a versatile and inexpensive stone
  • Soapstone, an increasingly popular stone that is easy to install yet costly
  • Sandstone, which has a natural beauty, but is porous and, therefore, a bit delicate
  • Slate, a sophisticated stone that is non-porous and practically maintenance-free


You can get the look of all these stones with manufactured stone veneer. Visit a stone supply company to see and feel the stones in person to better understand which might be the right choice for your project. 

Centurion Stone of Arizona is ready to help you find the perfect stone veneer for your next project. We have a 10,000-square-foot stone yard with every kind of stone you could want, and our designers will show you how each of the veneer options can look for your project. We walk you through the different design options and help you understand how each of the stones will perform, including for installation and for maintenance. We have a variety of other stone products for all your home projects, including stone pavers, landscaping stones, driveway pavers, and more. We can help you update your landscape, your home façade, or your home’s interior. Explore our gallery online or visit us in Mesa today. 


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