The Tremendous Advantages Of An Outdoor Natural Stone Fire Pit


What Are The Benefits Of Adding A Natural Stone Fire Pit To Your Landscape?

Outdoor fire pits are becoming popular features in Mesa landscapes. Whether it is placed in the middle of a pool or in the middle of a patio, the fire pit offers a nice aesthetic upgrade for a home’s exterior, as well as a place for friends and family to gather.

You may want to work with a designer to add a natural stone fire pit to your landscape, or you may want to include it as a part of another project you are planning, such as an overall landscape remodel. Or you could work with a Mesa stone supply company to get the materials to do the job yourself – a relatively DIY friendly project.

Here are a few of the tremendous advantages of adding an outdoor natural stone fire pit to your landscape:

A Beautiful Outdoor Natural Stone Fire Pit In Arizona

It’s More Convenient Than A Fireplace

A firepit offers many of the same benefits of a fireplace. If your home already has a fireplace, you may be wondering why you need to add a fire pit also. One reason is that a fire pit is far more convenient than a fireplace to use.

You don’t have to get an annual cleaning an inspection of your fire pit. You can enjoy fires at any time without worry about how it is affecting your home. You also don’t have to be stuck cooped up inside to enjoy a fire pit. You can sit outside and take in fresh air or enjoy the stars while you also enjoy a cozy fire.

Building A Stone Fire Pit Is Quicker and Cheaper 

Again, comparing a fire pit to a fireplace, you see many advantages. Building a fire pit is going to cost a lot less money than building a fireplace in your home – or even renovating a defunct fireplace that is already in your home. A natural stone fire pit is the upgrade you are more likely to be able to afford.

A fire pit can also be built much more quickly than a fireplace. It’s a project that can be completed in a day, rather than weeks, so you can start enjoying it faster.

Outdoor Stone Fire Pits Are Safe For Your Home

An outdoor fire pit is one of the safest fire elements you can have in your home. It is built in your landscape, not in your home, and it is typically surrounded by gravel or a patio of stone pavers. The fire area is relatively small, and the fire that you burn cannot get too strong or high. Even if any embers or ashes fall over the sides, they are just going to hit the patio pavers, not the grass or dry leaves.

You can enjoy an outdoor fire pit without any worries about the safety. Of course, you’ll still need to exercise caution when tending the fire.

Faux & Natural Stone Fire Pits Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetics

A natural stone fire pit can enhance your home’s exterior and elevate your home’s landscape. You have a variety of options for the design of the fire pit, including the stone that you use. You can play with the combination to get the look that best enhances your home’s exterior.

Visit a stone supplier to better understand your options for the fire pit. You can look at the different natural stones and faux stone to see what kind of aesthetic they can create. You can play around with the different stone samples to see the effect that the different designs create.

It Offers Memorable Moments & Increases Your Curb Appeal

Sitting around a fire pit with friends and family is a great way to spend time together. You can tell stories, share insights, and just enjoy being together. You can roast marshmallows with your kids, tell jokes with your friends, or reminisce with your siblings. There is unlimited opportunity to share intimate moments that you will remember and cherish for a long time to come.

There are many benefits to adding a permanent outdoor fire pit to your home, including increasing its curb appeal and creating opportunities for bonding with your friends and family. Work with a landscape designer or a stone supplier to design your own fire pit and start enjoying all it has to offer today.

Contact Experienced Stone Suppliers In Mesa

Call Centurion Stone of Arizona to find the perfect stone for your fire pit or other landscaping project. We offer natural stone, faux stone, and manufactured stone veneer, which can all be used to create a beautiful fire pit. We also offer patio pavers, flagstone, and other stones that would create a beautiful sitting area around your fire pit. You can visit our large stone yard in Mesa to see the stones in person, and you can work with one of our designers to create the perfect look. Visit us in Mesa today to get started.


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