Restoring & Deep Cleaning Manufactured & Natural Stone

When you have made the decision to add natural or manufactured stone to your home, making sure you find the proper cleaning regimen is important to its longevity and beauty. It takes a lot of work to find the right stone options for your home. Whether you are incorporating natural stone to your outdoor space, or gorgeous manufactured stone for your indoor space, there are plenty of deep cleaning and restoration methods you can use to make sure your stone features look just as luxurious and beautiful as they day they were installed.

Restoring & deep cleaning manufactured & natural stone

Keeping your natural stone and tile in good condition is important for a variety of reasons. Not only is it more appealing for you and your family, but should you decide to relocate and sell your home, having great looking flooring can make or break the value of your house. If you incite the proper cleaning rituals and tactics, it both adds comfort and cleanliness to your natural or manufactured stone flooring, as well as giving your home an overall more appealing and refreshing look.

A good way to maintain the durability and luxurious nature of the stone features you’ve added to your home is sealing properly. You may think you only need to seal flooring as it gets the most traffic and can wear quite a lot faster than other areas that have natural stone. This is not true, however. If you have tile and grout or stone used on your patio, countertops, showers, or other areas, you should seal each and every inch. This will ensure that it doesn’t age poorly and will look and feel as clean as possible.

Manufactured Stone vs. Natural Stone

Manufactured stone vs. natural stone

So what is the difference between manufactured stone and natural stone? While both offer gorgeous additions to your home, there are subtle differences that one may not think of when incorporating these beautiful features in areas of the house.

Natural stone like granite, marble, limestone, and travertine are taken purely from the earth and contain many other minerals within them. This gives them a unique pattern and coloring that only authentic natural stone can offer. Manufactured stone is made primarily with natural elements, with the added combination of ground crystals with resin and pigments to add the same look and coloring that natural stone has.

The differences in natural vs. manufactured stone are not as varied as you would think. Although they are made with different materials, they both carry the same footing in terms of durability and uses. You can use them for the interior of your home for flooring throughout your house, countertops, and showers, or incorporate natural or manufactured stone to the exterior of your home to your patios, and around your pools.

Cleaning & Restoration

Cleaning & restoration on your tile and grout

The simplest thing you can do to make sure your stone flooring lasts as long as possible is to regularly sweep, vacuum, and mop. The everyday hassles of life can quickly discolor your stone and the grout that surrounds it. Sweeping up dirt, dust, and other grainy substances daily will help limit their accumulation and slow possible deterioration. Along with these daily sweepings, you should clean your stone with stone cleaners and other approved cleaners that aren’t abrasive and won’t harm your stone. Choose the chemicals you use carefully, as they can make or break the stone you’ve chosen to incorporate in your home.

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Once you have your daily cleaning regimen down, you should schedule periodic natural stone cleaning with Arizona Tile & Stone Specialist. Over time, your tile and stone can become discolored, and the grout around it can absorb unwanted odors, germs, and additional discoloration. Making sure this build up does not impede your floor’s beauty is an extra precaution that can be easily managed by Arizona Tile & Stone Specialist. They specialize in tile and grout cleaning as well as natural Travertine restoration in Phoenix to give your flooring the best look possible.

For top rated tile and grout cleaning in Phoenix, as well as natural stone restoration in Arizona, trust Arizona Tile & Stone Specialist to make sure your natural and manufactured stone remains beautiful and durable. Serving the Valley since 2001, you can trust that your natural stone flooring and tile and grout are in the best of hands. Contact us today!

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