Spruce Up Your Backyard This Summer!

The Arizona heat is finally starting to fade out! It may be time to start that summer project for your backyard that you have been wanting to do, but just couldn’t because of the weather. There’s a ton of projects you could start in your Arizona backyard, including natural stone veneer BBQ setups, fancy fire pits made from Centurion stone veneers, and more. When it comes to your next hardcore do-it-yourself project using stone and other products, Centurion is the stone supplier you can trust.

Stone is definitely in. Stone is a great material that when used properly can enhance the warmth and welcoming feel of your home. Durable stone is also a very important material to use when paving driveways, backyards, and patios.

Spruce Up Your Backyard This Summer!

It is important to note that some of these projects, such as taking on the brick lining your home’s facade, may be better left to professional builders if you are inexperienced with working with stone or heavy construction. However, building a stone fire pit or paving your patio could be a fun and challenging do-it-yourself project for beginners and seasoned DIYers alike.

Stone Veneer Barbeque

Centurion stone veneers are perfect for building a stone veneer barbeque Sick of your barbeque sticking out like a sore thumb? Do you wish your barbeque could match the aesthetic of the yard around it? Centurion stone veneers are perfect for building a stone veneer barbeque. Hide the more unsightly parts of your barbeque by building a brick frame around it with stone and cement. There are a number of creative variations you can do with your stone veneer barbeque, including the construction of an attached stone table or shelving.

Fancy Stone Veneer Fire Pit

Fire pits often don’t get enough love. Because of their simple nature, they are often just rings of metal or bricks in the middle of a yard. However, sprucing up your fire pit with a very easy do-it-yourself project using natural stone veneer could really pull it together and make it worth being the centerpiece of your backyard. An easy do-it-yourself project would involve circling the fire pit with natural stone veneer and topping it off with sanded slabs. A more complex do-it-yourself project could include the creation of a leveled patio walkway underneath and around the firepit for a more relaxed sitting area for colder Arizona nights in the winter.

Artificial Grass Installation

Let’s face it, growing grass in Arizona seems a little silly. Lawns consume a huge amount of water and it is difficult to protect delicate grass from browning due to the harsh desert conditions. Why not consider artificial grass installation? A Gilbert stone supplier like Centurion will supply artificial grass custom cut for your yard. Installation of artificial grass is very easy and will save you money in the long run. You could have the greenest yard in your neighborhood with artificial grass.

Walkway Repavement

Paver Walkway Repavement For A Gilbert Home Is your patio in need of a serious makeover? Many types of stone break and become brittle over time, causing deep cracks and discoloration in your once elegant outdoor seating area. Loose bricks and stone pavement are also dangerous– you wouldn’t want a guest to trip! Repaving a backyard patio is fun, and despite the labor is usually a quick and simple project. Centurion stone veneers make a lovely lining to walkways and Centurion stone pavement, available in an array of colors and shapes, make for a pleasant and smooth walking area. With all the possible color combinations and walkway shapes, you could really tap into your imagination and transform your backyard space.

Beautify Your Driveway Using Pavers

Boring cement slab driveways are definitely out. Repaving your driveway with beautiful stone pavers is another relatively easy, though time consuming, project to do now that summertime in the desert is getting cooler. Colorful hues mixed with beige or grey look beautiful in a driveway and make your house pop. Extending the driveway pavers to your front door walkway would look lovely as well.

Spruce Up That Fireplace

Stone Veneer Outdoor Fireplace Gilbert This project is not for your backyard, but it is an easy and creative project to start when the weather outside is just a little too hot for an outdoor do-it-yourself project. If your fireplace is seriously lacking some style or is showing some serious wear and tear, covering the fireplace with a pattern of stone veneers or bricks that match your own creative style and household aesthetic. Darker toned stones tend to evoke a feeling of warmth, and would work well with a fireplace.

A Big Do-It-Yourself Undertaking – Home Facades

If you have a lot of time on your hands and you’re ready take on a big project, it may be time to fix up your not-so-pretty facade, or front face of your home. Home facades are often lined with bricks and stones that differ from the rest of the materials that compose the visible parts of the home. For example, a home mostly composed of light terracotta slabs or color schemes may benefit from a facade that is a darker orange or brown, making the rest of the house pop. Creating a brick facade takes a lot of work, but the end result could transform your house into something unrecognizable beautiful and inviting.

Centurion Stone of Arizona – Your Local Do-It-Yourself Supplier

With so many great projects to start, where can one find a great stone supplier? Look no further than Centurion Stone of Arizona. We are a privately owned company that sells well-manufactured stone pavers, flagstones, and veneers. We also offer water-saving artificial grass as well. Our affordable and durable stone, named the hardest manufactures stone in the industry by the American Society for Testing and Materials, is exactly what you need for your stone-related project. Give us a call and request a quote today!

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