What is Centurion Stone?

Natural stone veneers or flagstone can create a beautiful and sophisticated look for your Arizona home. You can use it on your home’s facade to create a more upscale look for your property, or you can use it for your patios, walkways and garden walls.

However, natural stone is often an unrealistic choice because of its price or its structural requirements. Mesa Centurion stone veneer is an excellent option that gives you the same look as natural stone without some of the down sides.

What is centurion stone?

Here’s what you need to know:

Centurion stone is manufactured stone veneer that looks and feels just like the real thing. You can look at Centurion stone veneer right next to the natural stone and have a hard time telling the difference. Examine it closely and touch it, and you’ll still struggle.

The stone veneer is created from natural stone patterns, and efforts are made to match the natural stone as closely as possible. Centurion stone comes in more than 25 patterns and 200 colors, so you can match just about any stone you like.

The veneer comes with a complete line of accessories, so you can use it to remodel any part of your home’s exterior, no matter what the architectural design.

The Benefits of Centurion Stone


Because the manufactured stone veneer does not have to be cut from the raw stone, it is much less expensive. Natural stone has to be dug out of a quarry, cut, polished and shaped appropriately. Centurion stone is created from a blend of materials using molds, dyes and stamps. That manufacturing process not only makes the veneer more adaptable to a variety of designs, but it also makes it less expensive.

Costs for Centurion stone will still vary depending on the stone supply company you patronize, so it’s important that you call around and get several estimates before you commit. Though you’ll save a significant amount over natural stone, you’ll still end up making quite an investment for your home remodeling project.


Natural stone can be quite heavy, even if you are only working with tiles. The material is just rock, through and through. Centurion stone veneer is a blend of materials, which makes it much more lightweight than its natural stone counterpart. The lighter weight makes it easier to install, which will reduce the labor costs for your home remodeling project and will increase the design options for your project.

For example, a roofing project with natural stone may require that you reinforce the surface area so that it can support the weight. By using manufactured stone veneer, you won’t have to make any such changes. You can add the veneer directly to the surface, eliminating the additional work and expense.

Beautiful Fireplaces With Centurion Stone Veneers in Mesa AZ Home Centurion stone can still be quite heavy, especially if you are overseeing a larger project. It’s important that you talk with your contractor about the structural issues involved in your project so that you know what’s possible before you choose your materials.


Because Centurion stone comes in so many patterns and colors, you have much more flexibility with your design than you do with natural stone.

Natural stone mostly comes in shades of gray and brown, which can be quite lovely on its own. However, if you want to create a different look, you will be quite limited by natural stone.

Choosing manufactured stone veneer gives you a much greater array of options to get just the look you want. Talk with your stone supply company about the available options and whether you can customize the veneer.

Centurion stone is an excellent option for remodeling your home and improving its value. Centurion Stone of Arizona sells high-quality manufactured stone veneer, including pavers and flagstones. We have a reputation as a top stone supply company in Arizona thanks to the high quality of our products and our service. Visit one of our locations to see samples of our products in person, or browse our online gallery to get a better idea of what we have to offer. We sell to both homeowners and contractors.

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