The Many Stone Options For Your Home’s Facade

Are you ready to finally spruce up that boring or deep in disrepair facade that sticks out of your home? It is possible to make fixing your home’s facade a do it yourself project, but it is important to note that sometimes big projects are better left to the professionals. A facade could benefit greatly from some stacked natural stone veneers or other Centurion stone veneers. Luckily, Centurion Stone of Arizona is the stone supplier ready and available to help you pick out the best materials for your home facade project.The Many Stone Options For Your Home's Facade

What is a facade?

A facade is an exterior side of a building that is often at the front. Facades are common in family homes. The facade of a home is considered the most important part of the design of a home, as it serves as the accent piece as well as the introduction to the home. Facades are common in larger Arizona homes and historical buildings. Because the facade is the focal point of the home, it is an important element to the design of your house and should be designed accordingly.

What materials should I use for fixing up my home’s facade?

Natural stone veneers are a common material used for lining the home’s facade, but your creativity does not need to stop there! There are a ton of different materials you can use, and your local stone supplier Centurion Stone of Arizona carries them all. If you want to stay simple, Centurion stone veneers look beautiful against a facade.

Centurion stone veneers

Centurion stone veneers for your Arizona home's facadeCenturion stone veneers have endless possibilities when used as a material for your home’s facade– with twenty five styles available in nearly two hundred colors, you can really let your imagination run wild! On top of being a great material for creating a new look for your home’s facade, Centurion stone veneers are great for adding a dramatic, classic look to columns and fire pits as well as grills.

Stone veneers from Centurion looks just like real quarried stone and are made from natural stone patterns. Along with the durability and inexpensiveness of Centurion stone veneers, you get a material that isn’t compromise aesthetically.


Flagstone is a type of stone material that is popular for use in paving pathways, patios, and lining in ground outdoor pools. However, flagstone’s beauty and durability doesn’t stop there. This eco-friendly material would look beautiful against your home’s facade. Mixing and matching flagstone colors is also a quirky, interesting, and visually pleasing choice when using the material. At Centurion, our flagstone comes in eight colors that include buckskin, rosa, sedona, moss, raspberry, buff, cinnamon, peach, and more. We also product flagstone in various thicknesses and sizes, and is sold individually or by the pallet.

Natural stone veneers

Natural stone veneers for your mesa home facadeAuthentic natural stone veneers are a stone cut into single inch slabs. Natural stone veneers are a lightweight and inexpensive choice for fixing up your home’s facade. On top of facades, natural stone veneers can be used in entryways, patios, floors, walls, fireplaces, kitchens, bathrooms, and fire pits. The possibilities are endless with natural stone veneers, and you won’t sacrifice beauty for durability either.

Natural stone veneers are composed of highly dense stone and stand up to extreme climate conditions and events. Because natural stone veneers are not synthetic, they require very little maintenance as well. A classic choice for a classic facade. Natural stone veneers are also very easy to install and great for the beginner do it yourself enthusiast. Through Centurion, our natural stone veneers are also covered by a lifetime warranty, so you know your investment is safe. Centurion has a huge array of natural stone veneer styles and colors that include desert, vanilla, bark, silver, black and brown quartz, scabos, rust, sequoia brown, antique moss, chocolate, and many more.


Exquisite, all-natural travertine looks beautiful as a smooth and shiney paver for your patio, but is also a beautiful type of stone for a facade. If you’re looking for a luxurious stone that will make the entrance to your home look warmer while staying cool to the touch, travertine may be the stone for your do it yourself facade project. Centurion Stone of Arizona carries a very wide variety of travertine styles, shapes, and hues. Travertine is great for the beginner do it yourself enthusiast because they are easy to install. When it comes to durability and affordability while maintaining a fancy elegant look, travertine is an excellent choice.

Stone accessories

Stone accessories to help spruce up your AZ home facadeThe tiny details often make a huge difference when it comes to design, and it matters in your facade do it yourself project. Stone column caps are usually visual focal points and draw the eye quickly. Grouting between stones is also an important factor to consider– a dark or light, thin or thick layer of grout between the stones that compose your facade could drastically change the appearance of your facade. Accent and trim stones around windowpanes for your facade also add subtle changes to the structure’s look and are an important thing to consider.

Who can I go to for great stone materials?

Centurion Stone of Arizona is the Mesa stone supplier you can trust to provide you with quality natural stone veneer, bricks, and pavement. Centurion also offers artificial grass, lovely stone accessories, flagstones, landscape gravel, and travertine. If this do it yourself project proves to be too much for you, Centurion Stone of Arizona also offers services for installation from trained and experienced professional installers. If you want design guidance, speedy and affordable delivery, and easy-to-follow instructions for your do it yourself project, Centurion Stone of Arizona is ready to give you a quote. Give us a call today!

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