Enhancing Your Backyard Design With Natural Stone Veneers


4 Innovative Ways To Use Natural Stone Veneers For Your Backyard Decor

Your backyard is like a blank canvas upon which you can create a beautiful work of art – an oasis in which to relax and enjoy yourself. You can go there for peaceful solitude, or you can enjoy creating memories with friends and family. With the right design, you can create a beautiful space with all the functionality you want for entertaining and more.

Beautiful Natural Stone Veneers For Sale In Mesa, AZ

Natural stone veneers are an ideal material for your backyard decor. With stone veneer, you can create a variety of looks with less material. Installation will be easier, and you’ll have more flexibility in your design choices. You’ll end up saving a lot of money, as well.

Here are a few ideas for how you can enhance your backyard design with natural stone veneers:

Use Natural Stone To Match Your Home’s Interior With Your Exterior 

You can create a cohesive look for your home by matching your exterior entertaining space with your interior space. You might choose elements for your outdoor space that match the overall tone of your interior, such as a rustic or modern vibe, or you might choose elements that match a specific space inside, such as choosing the same stone for your outdoor space that you use in your kitchen inside.

You can choose to match the overall look, or you can choose to match features. For example, you might have a fireplace inside your house that you want to recreate outside your house. Matching your exterior with your interior in these ways can create some continuity in your home’s design to create a bigger impact.

Add Stone Features Like Outdoor Ovens, Fire Pits, & More

Your outdoor space can include so much more than a patio and some lounge chairs. You can really elevate your space by adding features for decor or for entertaining. For example, a fire pit can create a lovely space for gathering, while also creating a beautiful ambience. You can add stone veneer around the firepit to create a beautiful design.

Upgrade your space with more sophisticated elements like outdoor ovens, bars, or even an entire outdoor kitchen. You can add cabinets and granite countertops, and you can surround the whole space with gorgeous natural stone veneer. You’ll create a breathtaking space that will be the centerpiece of your entertainment.

Choose a Modern, Linear Design With Natural Stone Veneers!

Stone often lends itself to a rustic design scheme, but natural stone veneers offer a lot more options. Modern, linear designs can create a stunning and sophisticated look for your outdoor space. A lot of options are available in natural stone veneers to make this kind of design possible, including geometric, smooth, and subtly designed stones.

Work with a stone supply company to explore some design options to achieve the look you want. The company can use samples, sketches, and design software to help you visualize the different options.

Natural Stone Veneers Are a Greener Choice

It is important that we all think more carefully about how to reduce our environmental footprint, and our choice in building materials can have a big impact on that. Natural stone veneers are a greener choice, compared with many other types of building materials. The thinner stone is easier to install, so it does not require as many additional materials. The stone also requires less materials to create, and it does not use non-renewable resources.

Stone veneer can help you create a gorgeous backyard design, as well as enhance many of the functional features you’d like to add, such as an outdoor kitchen or fireplace. Work with a stone supplier to find the best quality stone veneer, as well as to find stones with the right look to create the design you want.

Get Started On Your Next Project With Mesa’s Top Stone Supplier

Centurion Stone of Arizona is ready to help you find the perfect stone for your home decor project. We sell a wide selection of natural stone veneer that is perfect for any outdoor design project, including outdoor kitchens, firepits, and more. We sell a variety of other stones for other outdoor projects, including driveway pavers, landscaping stones, patio pavers, flagstone, and more. We have a 10,000-square-foot showroom where you can see the stones and use samples to try out different designs. We also offer installation for many of our stones. Visit us in Mesa or shop our selection online today.


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